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By BrainStation April 25, 2016

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Now that you’re almost half way through your course, what has been your favourite aspect of the course thus far?

My favourite aspects have been learning a new concept and then getting to try and put that into action with my group. Group work is definitely the most dynamic aspect of class and the best way to consolidate all of the information we are learning. Applying concepts to a real life situation is the best way to learn.

How is your project coming along?

The last couple of weeks, we haven’t had a chance to really work in our groups so my group has taken it upon themselves to book some time outside of class. We have given ourselves homework each week and are collaborating using a Google Doc and Slack. Meeting in person will also be a great time to touch base to see where we are at and what still needs to be done and start talking about our final presentation. We have some fun ideas…most of which are puns on the word ‘Ace’ (From Kit & Ace) (ie. All About That Ace, Back that Ace up…)

What have you found to be the most useful tool in building your skill?

The most entertaining tool has been Xtensio which is a really cool (and free) template that helps you build a buyer persona for your brand. I’m not sure if this will be the MOST useful but my group had a ton of fun creating our target customer, giving him/her a name, extracurricular activities, personality and inspirational quote. We found this tool in the resources section of our Brainstation portal. The most useful tool will likely be Google Analytics although it was tough to fit all of that info into one class so it wasn’t the most digestible. Someone posted a link to a Google Analytics Academy in the Slack channel so I will likely have to use that to teach it to myself. Analytics are so important because if your strategy isn’t working, nothing else matters, and numbers can tell you what’s working and what isn’t.

With 4 weeks under your belt, are you finding you are looking at things differently with your newfound knowledge?

Not quite yet since my area is social media and we haven’t gotten to that portion of the course yet. However it helps to know what others in the marketing department are up to and gives me ideas on how I can better support them in my role (and how they can support me).

What are your goals for week 5 & 6?

Looking forward to tackling the social media sections so I can complete my social media strategy. My company currently doesn’t have one in place and would love to start implementing it right away so the Execs and stakeholders can start seeing the power and importance of social from a business perspective.

Amanda is taking Digital Marketing at BrainStation in Toronto!

Amanda is taking Digital Marketing at BrainStation in Toronto!

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