Student Experience | Why Adam Wright, Product Manager at Breather, is taking Web Development Online

By Adam Wright September 11, 2017

Meet Adam Wright, a Product Manager at Breather who has worked at Google, Yelp, Airbnb, and is currently working on launching his own startup. Armed with many skills to excel in tech, he’s looking to complete his skill-set by learning Web Development online. Get inspired by Adam’s career path and technical goals.


What is your education and career background? Your current role?

I graduated from University of California, Santa Barbara with a Bachelors in Political Science in 2010. My plan was to attend law school and continue on a path towards urban policy, but as I approached graduation I realized that I was not completely sold on this path. So I decided to put law school off to test other career paths out first before committing to one that required a great deal of time and money.The day after graduation I packed my car and drove to San Francisco to interview with a technical staffing firm. I quickly realized it was the wrong cultural and professional fit. However, it led me down a path I will forever be grateful for.

In 2011 a recruiter from Google contacted me. I soon took a job at Google with the University Program hiring for the Product Management and Enterprise Sales teams.During that time at Google I realized my career path. I sat across the table interviewing people who might get to work on incredible projects that I myself was passionate about. Some people may have found the job rewarding, but all I could think about is how much I hated the idea of hiring other people for the job I was capable of.Shortly thereafter I left Google to begin my career in sales at Yelp. This was one of the most challenging times for me both professionally and personally. The grind of sales taught me about perseverance, self-management, and empathy. I also met some of my greatest mentors and began emulating them and even dressing like them in the office.

I dabbled in enterprise sales in 2012 at AdRoll before moving to Los Angeles to work for a creative agency marketplace startup, leading business development and sales.

When the company failed I began passionately working on a startup idea in the engagement ring industry. This was my first go at entrepreneurship. The business struggled to get off the ground so I had to take work as a consultant. I helped several small startups before eventually consulting for Airbnb to help drive supply growth in their LA market. In late 2014 I learned of my current employer Breather and began reaching out to the team to pitch launching their LA market. Since LA expansion wasn’t in the immediate plans I decided to take a risk to move across the country to work on business development to help grow supply and demand. Since that time I have worn multiple hats at Breather from BD to Expansion and now Product Management.

I am currently in the process of developing my own startup that is aimed at creating the future of housing through a network of living spaces that are convenient and flexible to rent.


What course are you enrolled in for this cohort and what made you decide to take it?

I am enrolled in the online Web Development course for this cohort. Throughout my career, I have had the goal of launching and running my own company. Since I wasn’t formally trained in the skills to do so I have used diverse experiences to gain these skills. My goal is to unblock myself from being able to launch a company on my own. I have become quite versed in business, finance, operations, growth, and product.

The area that I am most dependent at this time is web development. I do not intend on becoming a full-time Developer, but I do intend on becoming a self-sustainable unit if the need ever presents itself. This course for me is the helping to add another tool in my Swiss Army knife.


How does the Online Course model fit with your needs?

For me working a full-time job and trying to start a business on the side, the flexibility of the online course is a much more convenient option. I took online courses earlier this year in Agile Development and Design Thinking and found it very suitable for my lifestyle.

What are you most excited to learn in Web Development?

I am most excited to learn the basic skills of HTML5 and CSS of Web Development. I’ve been familiar with these languages from an early age but have only ever been able to speak about them conceptually. I also look forward to creating responsive and beautiful websites that convey my future company vision.

How do you plan on applying your newfound skills, personally and/or professionally?

As I said, I am in the early stages of launching a company and one of the requirements is to create a website to promote the business to potential customers and partners. I’d also love to apply this skill to other folks looking to start their own projects. Someday I aim to consult for aspiring startup founders and this skill will provide me with a greater range of services to offer them.


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