Project Spotlight | Charlotte O’Hara, Intro to Web Development

By Trilby Goouch July 28, 2015

Student taking a course at BrainStation Vancouver

Take a look at Intro to Web Development student Charlotte’s experience and project as she approaches week 6 in Vancouver…stay tuned for her week 12 results!

What educational/career path brought you to where you are today?
After graduating with a BA in European Studies, I fell into software (totally random given my background) and ended up loving the tech industry! Once I got started in tech, I realized it was something I was very passionate about which was surprising because all through school it had never crossed my mind to take a single compsci class! I work primarily on the business implementation and front end aspects. I recently moved to Vancouver from Toronto and am working at a digital strategy & marketing automation agency and was thrilled to see that Vancouver’s tech industry is thriving and growing quickly.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
Every day is totally different! I head up our Client Success team so it’s my job to make sure that clients are getting the best strategy and consulting possible. I can be doing anything from running SEO audits to drafting proposals or going on-site for client meetings. I really love the variety and personal interactions. It’s fun showing people who don’t have a tech background how valuable a strong online presence is for their business.

What made you decide to take Intro to Web Development?
The more I learned about front and back-end website compositions, I realized that having a better understanding of Web Development would make me better at my job. At the very least, I’d be able to make basic changes on the fly and be more confident in pricing out client projects. Also, I’m a huge believer in continuing education and am always looking to expand my skill set. WebDev seemed like a challenging but FUN course to take and I’m happy to report that it is! I never thought that I’d be this comfortable five weeks in. It’s a really nice creative outlet.

What is the best part about living in Vancouver?
As someone new to the city, I absolutely love being right by the water and a short drive from the mountains! There’s also a great focus on work-life balance here that has been especially awesome in the summertime when the weather is so gorgeous! People are super chill, there are great bars and restaurants and it’s very easy to get out on weekends for adventures in and around the city.

Where can we find you on a sunny weekend?
At the beach and/or on a patio! I try to squeeze in some sailing or hiking too, so that I’m not a total cliche.

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