One Alum’s Journey from TEDx to Moz

By BrainStation March 13, 2019

Meet Stephanie Ortiz, an alum of BrainStation’s Digital Marketing Certificate Course who has recently started a new position as a Client Specialist at MOZ.

Stephanie decided to enroll in digital skills training at BrainStation while contemplating a career move into a more technical role and believes that it helped make a difference in her capabilities.

“The Digital Marketing course gave me a taste of every pillar of digital marketing during a time when I was thinking of applying for jobs in the tech industry,” says Ortiz. “It really helped me develop an understanding of digital marketing, it’s concepts, and the overall language used in the industry.”

Digital skills training played a role in helping Stephanie feel confident enough to make the jump from previously working in the retail and public speaking industries, to working in technology.

“Coming from various other industries, I was starting to reevaluate which industry would consistently present a lot of opportunities and that would keep me interested and on my toes,” explains Ortiz. “This led me to seriously think about switching over to the tech industry and over to SEO, which is particularly exciting because it’s constantly evolving.”

And Stephanie is right, technology is changing at such a rapid pace that the skills and competencies required are always shifting. When looking to transition between industries, it’s important to have a firm grasp on the digital skills requirements of your desired industry, organization, and role.

“I [had] been searching for the right job for over a year and started to consider targeting the tech industry for a while,” says Ortiz. “I started working for MOZ and felt confident making [that] professional change now that I can speak the language and understand the basics.”

Now, in her position at Moz, Stephanie has been able to use the knowledge she gained at BrainStation and applies her new skills every day. We asked Stephanie what her day-to-day responsibilities look like as a Client Specialist at Moz.

“I help our enterprise and agency clients when they’re experiencing any issues with the STAT application. I help answer any of their questions about the app, set them up with additional training with our in-house coaches, test new features, and report any issues to the Product and Development teams,” says Ortiz.

Not only has Stephanie switched industries, but she’s also become an expert in her field.

“The clients I typically engage with a range from SEO Specialists, to Content Strategists, to Growth Marketers from some of the world’s leading brands and digital agencies.”

Stephanie has seen first hand the benefit of digital skills training in helping you get where you want to be in your career.

“Professional skills development is a great way to dip your toes in when you’re thinking about making a career change. It really helped me develop an understanding of digital marketing.”


If you’re thinking of making a career change like Stephanie, BrainStation offers courses and training in everything from marketing, to data, to product, and more.