My Experience Learning Digital Marketing At BrainStation | Ally Dwyer-Joyce

By Ally Dwyer-Joyce December 10, 2015

Digital marketing student at brainStation

Ally Dwyer-Joyce, Account Manager at Giants & Gentleman

We were particularly impressed by our fall Digital Marketing course Alumni – it’s incredibly inspiring seeing our students grow throughout the course, and each and every group’s final digital marketing campaign project blew us away! Our Alumni Ally Dwyer-Joyce sheds light on her experience.

1. Tell us briefly about your background coming into the course.

I work at an ad agency as an Account Manager, and within the past year I’ve become more and more involved in managing digital projects – from mobile banner campaigns and social media strategies to full website builds.

2. Why did you decide to enrol in Digital Marketing?

I’ve always had an interest in Digital Marketing, and recognize that the digital landscape within the industry is ever-growing. When working on digital projects, I felt like I was missing some key foundations needed to be fully knowledgeable in digital. I felt the Digital Marketing course would give me the skills and tools I needed to cultivate my expertise and to be a viable digital resource to my agency and our clients.

3. What was the learning experience like?

I loved how the learning experience was hands-on at the end of each segment. It was cool to try out things on your own (like setting up a Google Analytics account, or testing out Facebook targeting) with support from the instructors coming around the classroom.

4. What was your favourite section of the course and why?

My favourite part of the course was the SEO/SEM and Google Analytics sections. I felt that these are the most applicable to the needs of my clients at work, and it was a really great intro to topics that can seem quite daunting if you aren’t familiar.

5. Favourite instructor and why?

It’s hard to pick a favourite! I very much enjoyed Peter and Naomi’s sections. They both seemed extremely knowledgable about their respective specialties, and had a contagious passion when talking about key learnings they’ve come across over their careers. Chris is very patient and willing to work through questions with examples from his own experiences. I also appreciated how accessible all the instructors were on Slack.

6. What did you find the most challenging? Most rewarding?

Some course content is quite extensive in the case of learning about the tactics, to their best practices and different tools to use. I felt like I kept wanting to learn more, and sometimes it was a bit of a challenge to cut it off where we had to. Luckily, we were given lots of resources to explore on our own!

I felt that working with varying types of professionals was rewarding since we could ask each other questions and learn about how each of us could apply the course content within our own industries. Digital marketing is applicable to everything!

7. How has the course helped you grow professionally and personally?

Professionally, this course has equipped me with the foundations of digital marketing, which enables me to give coworkers and clients insight into strategies and best practices to apply within their marketing efforts. I feel it’s made me more confident as an Account Manager since I have the tools to back up my knowledge, and understand how to better articulate a strategy. Personally, this course has enriched me with a strong passion for all things digital that I plan to keep pursuing in more depth.

8. What are your next steps in continuing your digital marketing journey?

I hope to take some next steps in my digital marketing journey by leading some digital client projects, like new website builds. I’m excited to apply practical knowledge about SEO when building a new site from the beginning.

9. Was there a particular section of the course you’d like to explore further?

I’d love to further explore SEO/SEM and Google Analytics, along with paid social campaigns. I’m interested in learning some best practices of reporting on these tactics, and how to best explain the ROI to clients.

10. Any advice to aspiring digital marketers?

Learn how to properly articulate your strategy – your objectives, the tactics you’ll use to reach those goals, and your key performance indicators, so you can see how your marketing efforts are adding up.

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