Meet The Instructors | Digital Marketing, Toronto Winter Cohort 2016

By BrainStation January 25, 2016

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Introducing our Digital Marketing instructors for Winter 2016!

Our Winter Digital Marketing 2016 cohort kicked off on Monday, January 11th – we’re super excited about this 10-week course and will be sharing content with you from our students and teachers along the way to give you a taste of the experience. At the end of the 10 weeks, the class has a deliverable of an entire Digital Marketing Plan for a local company, The Goods.

The Company

The Goods @thegoodisgood

the goods

The Goods is a takeout and catering restaurant in Toronto specializing in hearty, delicious food that helps people thrive. Serving vegan, organic and mostly raw meals, every meal at The Goods is free of gluten, dairy, nuts and refined ingredients.

Lead Educator

Sean Mayers @sean_mayers

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 11.20.53 AM

Sean has more than 17 years of experience in digital marketing and strategy working in a variety of senior management roles in advertising, marketing and technology for national and international companies and brands. He is also a serial entrepreneur who has previously created an award winning digital technology company and has launched a number of digital startups throughout the years. Sean currently works as a freelance digital marketing and strategy consultant.

Teacher’s Assistants

Andrew Zimakas @andrewzimakas

adnrew dm

Andrew Zimakas is an independent consultant helping organizations of varying sizes build their brands and maximize their return on marketing investment. He most recently served as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Tangerine Bank (formerly ING DIRECT Canada and now part of Scotiabank), and was responsible for all aspects of Marketing for the organization, including customer insights & analytics, marketing communications, digital, customer experience, and corporate communications. Andrew has over 25 years of operating and consulting experience in a range of industry sectors, including Financial Services, Technology/Media, and Packaged Goods.

Kyle Bryce @kyle_bryce


Kyle is an Account Manager, focusing on digital marketing and strategy at Konrad Group. He specializes in digital property development, customer acquisition, event ideation and execution, sponsorship valuation and shopper marketing. Using past experience in experiential and integrated marketing, Kyle brings a holistic view to how digital marketing fits within the marketing mix. He has worked on a range of clients including Coca-Cola, UFC, TJX (Winners, Homesense & Marshalls), Powerade and Kijiji.

Guest Educators

Brian Abracen – Email Marketing @brian_abracen

brian dm

Brian is a Digital Marketing professional with 16 years of focused, results-driven experience in the online space. Brian is passionate about Marketing Automation and has deep expertise in Email and Database Marketing. His primary areas of focus are customer retention and loyalty, and conversion marketing.

Rich Bramer – SEO, SEM & Analytics @Rich_Bramer

rich bramer

Rich has seven years of experience in digital marketing, working at international agencies in London, Amsterdam and Toronto. His roles have been within the strategy team, focused on website analytics, conversion optimization and digital media campaigns, with a core in executing search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), and Display Advertising (programmatic, video, remarketing). He has worked on range of international, national as well as local accounts such as Michelin, Bell Media, Rogers, and Hydro One.

Erik Sherman – Social Media Management & Growth Hacking @sherm85


Erik is an experienced marketer focused on strategy and digital marketing. With a background in hospitality, Erik has agency and client experience where he’s won numerous awards for campaigns and teams that have been recognized as industry leaders. Working through the dawn of social media and beginning his marketing career as a brand ambassador, Erik knows what it means to (literally) hit the streets to bring a brand to life. Erik currently works as an Account Manager, Social Media at North Strategic.

Erin McKeever – Paid Social @erinmckeever

erin dm lecturer

Erin has spent the last decade immersed in all things digital, a passion she currently funnels into her job leading the in-house digital communications agency, HyperLab, at Nestle Purina Canada, and which recently earned her a spot on Marketing Magazine’s Top 30 Under 30. As a strategic planner with a focus on digital & emerging channels, her experience includes technology, creative & content, user experience, research & data science, media, PR, shopper marketing, and more. She has worked on major brands and at top agencies with clients across CPG, Media & Entertainment, Health & Beauty, Non-Profit, B2B, Financial Services, Retail, QSR, and Healthcare. Her diverse experience across categories and capabilities allows her to bring a unique perspective to her work that embraces today’s omnichannel world by viewing consumer behavior, technology, creative and data holistically. When she’s not working, she can be found researching and testing the latest technology and gadgets, following her artistic passions through photography, video and writing, or simply spending time with friends and family. She is a self-proclaimed Netflixaholic, and loves to read blogs, online magazines, and scroll endlessly through Instagram.

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