Meet Our Educators | Steve Yawan, Web Development

By BrainStation August 18, 2016


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Tell us a little about your background, what led you to the career path you are on today?

I’ve always been an avid computer-geek. I studied Computing Science and eventually landed in web development – I’d like to think it’s Computing Science’s distant cousin. Programming theories and concepts still heavily apply.

What are some the aspects that you love most about your career?

I really do enjoy the quick pace and development that comes with writing code for the web – having the ability to see your work immediately online is one of the perks.

What predictions do you have for Web Development in the next 3 years?

In the next 3 years, I can see front end development relying on more tools and frameworks that make bootstrapping websites a lot easier and writing code more maintainable. With newer technologies already out (e.g. AR / 3d touch), leveraging these for mobile-web would be pretty cool to see.


What is your favourite part about being an educator at BrainStation?

As an educator at Brainstation, I’m always excited to see the student’s faces light up each time I introduce a concept or method that has big potential for their own personal projects – I always like to demo code samples that I’ve either used in practice or simply encountered and that I think has high value.

What’s the main thing you want each of your students to walk away with after 10 weeks?

Ideally, after 10 weeks, students come away from the course content in the knowledge that not only can they build a website but understand and be able to troubleshoot current/existing websites. For the students to develop their own portfolio websites or even take up freelance work would be the icing on the cake.




Steve Yawan is a Front End Web Developer at Best Buy and an Educator for BrainStation’s Web Development course in Vancouver


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