Meet Our Educators | Hubert Florin, User Interface Design

By BrainStation August 11, 2016


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Tell us a little about your background, what led you to the career path you are on today?

I studied Applied Arts in Belgium for five years. After that I worked in advertising agencies in Paris for a bit, which I did not enjoy at all. So I took a break and started to work as a freelancer, while travelling to Australia. I eventually landed in Canada three years later, and started to work in web-agencies as a web designer where I also learned to code. Being quite undecided, I went back to Australia for an extra three years where I was lucky enough to work with an amazing Creative Director, and finally came back to Vancouver where I switched from the Agency world to the Product world, which I absolutely love.


What are some of the aspects that you love most about your career?

The Tech Industry is constantly changing, it’s very active, and it has no borders. I meet people that are ridiculously smart and kind, and I work on products that are used by millions daily, and that are genuinely trying to improve your everyday life.

What predictions do you have for User Interface Design in the next 3 years?

I don’t believe in people who can tell you what the future holds. We can’t even predict this week’s weather accurately… so… yeah.

What is your favourite part about being an educator at BrainStation?

It’s not about grades, it’s about learning. It’s not about the software, it’s about the thinking process. At BrainStation, students learn how to learn, and that’s much more important than learning how to use software.

What’s the main thing you want each of your students to walk away with after 10 weeks?

Confidence, balanced with humility. I want each student to know that they can do anything they want, that nothing is out of reach, that things are much simpler than they appear, but in order to learn, you have to admit that you don’t know everything. Taking down that big fat ego of yours is pretty much the fastest way to greatness.




Hubert Florin is a Product Designer at Slack and the Educator for BrainStation’s User Interface Design course in Vancouver.


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