Meet Our Educators | Andrea Bywater, Digital Marketing + SEO/SEM & Analytics

By BrainStation August 23, 2016


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Tell us a little about your background, what led you to the career path you are on today?

I started off my education wanting to get into business at UVIC. However, the programs and classes weren’t structured enough for my liking. I took a couple years off to work and travel and ended up going to BCIT for marketing management in communications. The best part of this program is the 3 month internship at the end in which I landed my first career marketing job.

What are some the aspects that you love most about your career?

I love how digital marketing is always changing. There are always new platforms launching or changes with existing tools which keeps me on my toes. I love learning, so the fact that I am constantly learning is why I am happy every day doing what I’m doing.


What predictions do you have for Digital Marketing in the next 3 years?

My predictions are that marketers will need to focus more on video marketing. With the increase of customers cancelling their cable and consuming media on their computer, online video is the future of content marketing. Facebook and Bing are now offering video options for advertisers and Google is trying out SERP video.

What is your favourite part about being an educator at BrainStation?

Seeing the progression of the students. It’s so exciting to watch the final presentations and see how much each of them retained.

What’s the main thing you want each of your students to walk away with after 10 weeks?

I want them to walk away with confidence. Confidence that they can run their own digital marketing campaigns.




Andrea Bywater is Search & Paid Media Specialist at Herschel Supply Co. and an Educator for BrainStation’s Digital Marketing and SEO/SEM & Analytics courses in Vancouver.


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