Intro to Product Management | A Breakdown of Product Management

By BrainStation November 11, 2015

Loki, Product Manager at Mobify, joined us at BrainStation Vancouver for an Intro to Product Management workshop to give a taste of the BrainStation Product Management course. Here are some of our takeaways.

The Product Development cycle - product management

A Product Manager is the voice of the market. They:

-Translate feedback into requirements

-Conduct and summarize market analysis

-Discovers problems in the marketing by interviewing customers

-Understands, articulates and quantifies problems in the market

A Product Manager is the gate keeper of the product. They:

-Determine feature set

-Use metrics to measure and iterate

-Balance between business and technical sides

-Determine if a feature is good enough to ship

A Product Manager is the CEO of the product. They:

-Sell the vision



-Take full responsibly for the success of the product 

What core skills does it take to be a Product Manager?

Ability to understand and analyze 

-Effectively be able to communicate

What’s the difference between Project Management & Product Management?

A Project Manager ensures everything is getting done. They estimate, schedule, track tasks, and report.

A Product Manager figures out what to do. They create the vision, the market analysis, proposals, requirements and priorities.

So, what’s the key to creating a Minimum Viable Product? According to Loki, 

“the least amount of work you can do to learn the most about something”.

He breaks it down into 5 steps:

  1. Build as little as possible
  2. Get feedback
  3. Figure out what you need next
  4. Build the next thing
  5. Repeat

The cycle of product managers, developers, and designers

Want to dive even deeper? BrainStation offers a part-time course in Product Management. In this course, you’ll learn product design, product prototyping, how to build a business case and much more!