Instagram Marketing | Insights from the Director of Junction Creative Solutions

By Trilby Goouch November 11, 2015

BrainStation Digital Marketing course

Conner Galway, the co-founder and director of Junction Creative Solutions, shared his industry insights and expertise in Instagram Marketing at BrainStation Vancouver last night. Here are some of our key takeaways from the workshop.

Instagram is a platform for growth! It provides brands with the opportunity to tell their story and have it spread like wildfire. On average, a user would spend at least 21 minutes on Instagram. This is valuable time, where you can engage your target audience with your brand and product. Further with 50% of its users being under the age of 29 and with expendable income, this provides businesses with a large base of potential customers.

Here are some Key Best Practices:

  • Capitalize your following from other social media platforms by linking your accounts with Instagram
  • Use an attractive username that quickly captures who you are
  • Take time on your biography – make it eye-catching!
  • Consistency, consistency, consistency! It’s important that your content are on brand and constantly telling your story.
  • Hashtags can be your friend, if used correctly! Make sure they relate to your message.

While these tips are great steps to improving your business, how you use them may vary depending on your business. How do you know which are the right things to do? Practice makes perfect! Especially with ways to analyze data and tools to monitor engagement, there are tons of ways to see what works for your business.

The Instagram Marketing workshop was just a snippet of the entire Digital Marketing course that we offer. If you are interested in learning more about how you can engage your audience and promote your brand digitally, check it out!