Holiday E-Mail Marketing Done Right

By Trilby Goouch November 18, 2015

Digital Marketing course

Jonathan Natavio, E-mail Marketing Manager at, joined us for a Holiday E-mail Marketing workshop at BrainStation Vancouver. Here are some of the key takeaways from the workshop and a sneak peek at the kind of content you’ll get to learn in our winter Digital Marketing course.

  • Relevance is King – consumers quickly decide which companies they like receiving messages from based on relevance
  • E-mail personalization is paramount – e-mail content that is targeted will drive conversions
  • Value is evident – make your e-mail list subscribers feel exclusive. Value offers or specials deals are perfect to accomplish this.

Holiday promotions – Why? 

  • It’s a good time to reactivate people 
  • Good time to share new products coming into the season 
  • Good time to promote top sellers 
  • Good time to promote back in stock products
  • Cart abandoned. Good reminder. 

Holiday Campaign E-mails

  • Create a promotional calendar with important dates – stat holidays and retail holidays
  • Include shipping & order by whens to avoid missing the deadline
  • Send holiday cheer. Create campaigns that are vibrant in color and have themed graphics
  • Support your physical store. Use geo-tagging and personalization in these targeted e-mails to push customers to step into your physical space
  • Keep your message clear and focused. Give your holiday content a fresh look
  • When creating any type of campaign always test for mobile
  • Always include a clear CTA (call to action)
  • Include product links everywhere you can

E-mail marketing is the perfect way to get into your customers pocket – over 50% of e-mails are opened on mobile! Create a dialogue between your company and the consumer. Focus on the message. Always be testing your campaigns so you can segment smarter. Analyze your results after a campaign has been sent. And make sure to always include your social shares!

This E-mail Marketing workshop was just a snippet of the entire Digital Marketing course that we offer. If you are interested in learning more , be sure to check it out!