Here are Some Tips for Finding Housing in Toronto

By BrainStation October 13, 2015

Welcome to Toronto!

Undoubtedly you’re excited, and can’t wait to start your course at BrainStation.  One of the biggest questions that you’ll have is ‘where will I live?’  To help you with this process, we made a blogpost to help you find housing!

Online Resources

The following websites are different places to search for a place to live.  They all vary so we suggest you check each one out to help you make a decision.


A marketplace where you can find listings from renters or home owners looking to rent out their apartment or home out.  You can set your budget, distance you’d like to be from BrainStation, plus other requirements such as the number of bedrooms you’d like, parking, etc.


Very similar to airbnb, but another site to use to try and find different options.


A classifieds listing site, where you can find short-term rentals.  These would be self posted by the owner of the home.  You can also choose your price range, and distance you’d want to be from BrainStation HQ.

Facebook (Search on Facebook University of Toronto – Off-Campus Housing)

We also suggest joining the UoT housing group on Facebook to see if there are any short term rentals available (sublet/sublease), these will normally be cheaper but you may be in a shared space with other roommates.  These would be posted by University of Toronto students who are looking for someone to take their lease for a partial time as they are away.  May be more budget friendly.

Downtown Toronto Neighbourhoods, and Transit Tips

King West

BranStation is located in King West.  This is a trendy and sought after neighbourhood, with plenty of food, drinks, and event options.  The housing in this area is going to be fairly pricey but your commute to school will be very walkable.


A trendy area that is located north of BrainStation on Bloor St, this area is home to many restaurants, bars, and cafes as well as shopping.  An eclectic mix, you will find some apartments and homes for rent in this area.  When commuting you can take the subway southbound on the university line and get off at St. Patrick King St., and take the streetcar westbound until Spadina St.

Bay St.

The corporate world of Toronto, there are condominiums built along this street from lakeshore all the way north of Bloor St.  Depending on where you are on Bay St, you can streetcar along King St, or take a combination of both subway and streetcar.

City Place

A community of condominiums all built within the last 5-10 years.  There are a few restaurants but we recommend you walk to Queen/King St to have more options.  This neighbourhood would be a 5-10 minute walk to BrainStation HQ.

Maple Leaf Square

Located right by Union Station and the Air Canada Centre, this area has condominiums, sports arenas (The Air Canada Centre/Rogers Centre), and some restaurants.  It would be a 15 minute walk to BrainStation HQ, or you could walk to Union Station and take the subway/streetcar.


This area enters the University of Toronto campus and is home to both condominiums, apartments, and houses.  There is a mix of restaurants, bars, and cafes in this area.  Probably a 20-25 minute walk to BrainStation depending on where you are, we would recommend taking the subway south to King Station, and then using the streetcar Westbound on King St.


A trendy and luxurious neighbourhood of Toronto, you can find condominiums for rent here.  This area has restaurants, cafes, shopping, and bars.  Take the subway southbound on the Yonge line, and get off at King Station for a streetcar going westbound until Spadina Street.