Get Your Webpage on The First Page of Google | Insight from Konrad Group’s SEO Specialist

By BrainStation October 21, 2015


Yesterday evening we had Richard Bramer, SEO & SEM Specialist at Konrad Group give us a high level intro to Search Engine Marketing.  Here’s a recap of some points he mentioned for those of you who missed the event!

Did you know 3 billion search queries take place everyday? As in 93% of online experience starts with Google. No wonder putting your best face forward on Google is crucial. During our Intro to Search Engine Marketing workshop, Richard Bramer, SEO & SEM Specialist at Konrad Group, shares his high-level insights on Google AdWords and the influence it has on the links we click.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) drives the highest engagement and conversion rate among all traffic sources.

When Google is evaluating your Ad they use a Quality Score which consists of:

  1. Click through rates, which is the highest priority
  2. Is your Ad relevant to the search query?

There are some crucial steps to follow when creating an ad campaign:

  1. AdWords auction
  2. Campaign structure
    • Look at the navigation
  3. Keyword Research
    • Brainstorm keyword ideas
    • Google ranks the keywords
  4. Create ad copy
    • Include keywords
    • Provide a clear call to action (what do you want users to do?)
    • Utilize the display URL field for branding and keyword inclusion
    • Adwords allows you to measure the effectiveness of your ads through click through rates.

Targeting, bidding and budgeting

  1. Targeting geography, language, and devices allows you to display your ad to the right people on the right device

Measures in: Average cost, cost, bounce rate, page/session, average session duration, conversions, conversion rate, clicks, and CTR

Great (FREE) Resources

Starter guide to SEM from Google:

Campaign Editing Tool (Bulk Changes)

Free analytics courses from Google

Website performance optimization

Industry Tips and Tricks:

PPC Hero

Keyword Research tools:

*Ensure your Adwords account is synched to your Google Analytics Account. 

We host several workshops such as this one every week so make sure you check out our events page to see which ones you want to sign up for!