From prospective Architect to UX/UI Designer at Canada Post Digital

By BrainStation April 6, 2017

Before taking the User Experience Design program, Pavia graduated from Architecture at UofT in Spring 2016 and spent the summer building a tech startup with some of her former classmates. After building multiple iterations of a working prototype, their lead engineer took a job offer at Google.

“By then I was determined to join the Toronto tech community and decided to channel my passion for design by taking the User Experience Design program. I was very excited to learn new skills and meet other UX enthusiasts who wanted to learn, and were driven and motivated enough to make the leap and spend 10 weeks learning something new.”

Why BrainStation? “To be honest I only learned about what UX/UI Design was a couple of months before enrolling, but I was very excited to learn that this discipline existed because it combined all of my passions. Just like architecture, UX Design is about creating great environments for people, only digital not physical. Researching, designing, testing and iterating products and environments that are intuitive and make people feel good is something that makes me want to get up every morning.”

Where is she now? “I currently work as a UX/UI Designer at Canada Post Digital. I am also the UX Designer for, a campaign management software startup, and I spend some time consulting UX/UI for other startups ranging from FinTech to eCommerce, while working on my own startup.”

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