Elevate Your Degree with BrainStation

By Darshie Yogarajah September 8, 2015

BrainStation is a progressive institution giving students a personalized learning experience in business, technology, and design. Fueled by Konrad Group, a full service tech consultancy – BrainStation has become a leading educator in the digital space. As a current BrainStation student who is also enrolled in a full-time university program, here’s my perspective on why taking a part time course at BrainStation can benefit your degree:

Regardless of what undergraduate program you’ve enrolled in, whether it’s at a local college or massive university – chances are, you are planning to work somewhere, at some awesome company, and expecting to make some kind of impact in your field. Yes? Yes.

If you’re exploring a creative field like fashion or journalism, you likely have a social media following and are looking for ways to optimize your online presence. If you’re an engineer or entrepreneur – maybe you have tons of amazing ideas but don’t know how to bring them to life. If you’re into business, tech, or design, you are possibly trying to do all of the above. No matter what your goals are – there is a BrainStation course (Digital Marketing, UX Design, or Product Management, to name a few) that can help you get there. Check out a full list of course offerings in Vancouver, Toronto, and Waterloo here

I know what you’re thinking – your university or college already offers those classes. Here’s the thing: the marketing and tech space is dynamic and changing – with new, cutting edge technology being developed and IPO’d each day. To put things in perspective, by the time you finish reading this post – someone, somewhere has already released their newest innovation – and you might not learn about it in your undergrad class until next year. No matter how expensive the tuition gets, many traditional institutions just can’t modify their course materials fast enough to keep up with the changing market. Even with the best Profs – lectures start feeling dated.

Now more than ever, it has become highly beneficial for recent grads and job candidates to have a solid understanding of the state-of-the-art tools being used in their field. This is why, as a great overall complement to your current program, the BrainStation curriculum is built and refined by industry leaders. Every BrainStation course is updated by Konrad Group’s best developers and designers to ensure that students are always on their tech A-game.

BrainStation classes are taught by professionals from notable companies like Google, Shopify and Deloitte. Lead instructors have the experience and expertise to give students eye-opening insight on trends in the marketplace. Classes are also super small with a 1:8 student/instructor ratio. This means you don’t have to yell out burning questions across a giant lecture hall or feel intimidated to participate in discussions. To top it all off – taking a course at BrainStation means no heavy textbooks, no GPA scale, and no pressure.

At the end of the day, let’s face it – your ideas are better than anyone else’s. Be sure that you are well- equipped to stand out from the competition and land the job you want. Bring your creative skills to life at BrainStation and elevate your degree.