Creators of Vancouver | Vitruvi

By BrainStation January 28, 2016

This month at BrainStation Vancouver we had the opportunity to chat with Sara Panton, the CEO & cofounder of Vitruvi. We loved learning about this Vancouver company that is doing big things with global brands such as Anthroplogie & Urban Outfitters. Read on to learn more about this modern aromatherapy company.

What is your background?

My undergraduate degree was in Global Health Sciences, I was fascinated by my courses in medical anthropology and loved learning about traditional health practices in different cultures around the world. During that time I was also working for a Nobel Peace Prize nominated charity, I was able to travel and learn about other countries and how their health practices with botanicals influenced their daily lives. From there I applied to medical school and during my time in medical school I became fascinated with the olfactory cranial nerve responsible for scent. I started experimenting with traditional oils and writing about how to use scent strategically through the day. That is how Vitruvi came to be; it was really a combination of all my passions and interests that very organically ended up coming together to form our current company.

What is Vitruvi?

Vitruvi is a modern aromatherapy company that designs and creates unique essential oil products. We take very traditional oils that have been used for hundreds of years and we formulate them to be used for the rituals of a modern day.


How did Vitruvi start?

As mentioned, Vitruvi was started out of a passion for botanicals and a fascination with the science of scent. My brother, Sean and I started the company just over two years ago and we launched our first collection a year ago.


What have you found to be the most successful marketing tactic to build the brand?

Our Instagram account as well as our editorial are our best forms of marketing. Before we even had products, we did interviews and profiles of people on our blog; it is a go-to read for anyone that is interested in lifestyle design and intentional living with botanicals in a very modern way. Our Instagram account is a great way to interact with our community and customers — We love chatting on Instagram.


Your scents are created for moments of the day, which moment/scent is your favourite? 

Our Balance roll on and Still Face & Body mist are always on my desk and my travel essentials.


What is a typical workday like for you? 

Most days structure is relatively the same. I wake up at 5:30am and work with any large East Coast accounts or press features that are in the works, as well as get my emails done. I have a workout and then go to the office for 9am. 9-6pm I’m at the office with our team, helping with orders, answering customer service questions, designing new products and working with editors or special events we are taking part in. In the evening, I get home and usually clear out my inbox best as I can.

What is the coolest thing that’s happened for Vitruvi? 

There are have been some great adventures in the past year — one of the most recent is our collaboration with the TED conference. We are designing a 800 square foot ‘science of scent’ lounge at the TED conference this year as well as doing scent branding for the event. This has been an incredible experience for our team such an interesting way to balance the art of fragrance with the science of scent in an incredibly innovative environment.


What’s your favorite social channel?

My personal favorite is Twitter — Just because I get to see updates on the industries I work in.

Where do you see Vitruvi in the next year?

This is for sure a growth year for Vitruvi, our team is expanding and you will see our wholesale experience change and our online shopping experience really get polished. We’re excited to share some updates with our community soon too.


How do people get in contact with you?

Email me at [email protected] or chat with me on Twitter @saralpanton