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By BrainStation September 28, 2015

union wood co working in their shop

Tell us a little bit about your background?

My background is really varied, all my work experience was based working in teams, so I feel comfortable when I’m working with a crew. I’ve been a cook, a garbage man, a firefighter, all kinds of different trades. Anything where I can get my hands dirty, I’ll give it a go!

Work station including tools and bike racks

Tell us a little bit about Union Wood Co. How did it start?

Union Wood Co. began really organically, I got a small studio and some tools so I could build my own furniture. I enjoyed it, and stuck with it, and now I get to build other people’s dreams.

Set of tools from union wood co

What is a typical workday for you?

A workday for me starts off with a crew meeting, making sure all 6 staff are on top of what we need to be. Then I usually jump into emails and try to get them done before getting some time on the tools. Ideally it’s like that, but each day is a new adventure.

Shelving unit at union wood co

Do you have a favourite piece of furniture? Why?

Tables are my favourite pieces, they get used for everything. Eating, drinking, working…. It’s great to know the pieces you make get used.

Union wood co's logo

What other individuals or companies influence or inspire you?

So many people influence me, and therefore the company. It’s so great to see all the Vancouver furniture maker’s pushing the envelope all of the time, there’s a rad crew here making great stuff. Its humbling actually to call these people friends or even colleagues.

Project List at union wood co

You’ve been wildly successful, proven evident through social proof – tell us how you got there! 

It takes a lot to be successful, and it’s a fragile thing to. One day you are, one day you aren’t. You need to nurse it. Honestly you need to be dependable, and you need to be considerate, these are good qualities that people will recognize.

Union Wood Co labour rates

Instagram has become one of the most relevant forms of social sharing today. How did you master growth hacking? (over 31K in followers)

Instagram has been great for us, great in the sense that we get followers, but also great in the sense of following people who inspire us.  I get these little bursts of inspiration all day, its amazing. In terms of growth, I took an honest photo everyday of what I was excited about at that time.

Union Wood Co logo

Can you give our readers 3 tips on organically growing a brand on instagram? 

Be consistent. Don’t fake a brand, you need to be it. Be humble.

Union Wood Co shop

Your photos are stunning, do you take them with your mobile device or a dslr, what’s your preference? Do you have any tips for capturing photos?

9/10 i’m taking photos with my iPhone at the time of posting. I think that’s the truest way to do it. I can’t stand accounts that are all staged and styled photos, leave that shit for a magazine homie.

Union Wood Co unloading

What are the top 3 tips you would give to aspiring Instagramers?

Have fun and be yourself, people will connect with that! Also work hard on whatever it is your doing, don’t just take photos all day, go get stuff done.

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– Craig Pearce, Owner