Creators of Vancouver | The Good Spirit

By BrainStation November 1, 2016


Savannah Olsen knows a thing or two about making magic within a community. After co-founding one of our favourite Gastown concept stores, Old Faithful Shop, Olsen launched The Good Spirit, your friendly neighbourhood metaphysical boutique.

Tell us a bit about The Good Spirit?

The Good Spirit is a modern day metaphysical shop. We aim to give our clients the tools to help them explore and grow their spiritual assets in a comfortable and relatable atmosphere.
What inspired you to start this company?

Tarot, my interest in spirituality is something that has been with me since I was very young. With my other business Old Faithful, located in Gastown, I noticed many of the younger staff were taking an interest in spiritual practices. I didn’t feel there was somewhere younger people could go that might inspire or excite them to delve deeper into this world. I then took it upon myself to create it and The Good Spirit was born.

What have you found to be the most successful marketing tactic to build your brand?

What is the coolest thing upcoming at The Good Spirit?

I’m really getting into Astrology right now so we are hosting an event where we will have personalized birth chart readings. I have connected with a local astrologer, Andi Austri who will be doing them and she is fantastic!

Where do you see spirituality moving in the Vancouver community?

The spiritual community in Vancouver is huge and we are so lucky to have many teachers come through the city for events. So as far as movement, I would assume that it would continue to grow and expand. Doors will open for people who may not have considered exploring their spiritual selves.
Why should individuals in Vancouver take time to be spiritual?

We are made of mind, body, and soul. We take time to read and exercise our mind and go to the gym to strengthen our bodies. Paying attention to your spirit is taking the time for introspection and development of your actual self which I believe can help create more peace in one’s life.

Where are some of your favourite places to explore in Vancouver?

I spend half my time in Gastown and half my time in the Olympic Village/False creek area. In Gastown there are so many unique business to name – restaurants, coffeeshops, and shopping experiences . Close to where I live between Columbia and Main, I like to pop into the Juice Truck storefront, Atelier St. George and 33 Acres.