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By BrainStation November 26, 2015

I had the opportunity to talk with Pippa Henrichsen, the founder of the​ boutique dessert company PetitePuf,​ here in Vancouver. We discussed her beginnings, social media growth, and favourite dessert spots in Vancouver.  Make sure you check out her website for upcoming pop ups, collaborations & where you can pick up some PetitePuf cotton candy!

Petite Puf Cotton Candy

What is your background?

​I come from a background in sales and marketing – not in the food industry though, but I’m a big believer in brands, branding, and meeting brand standards which has had a huge influence in our company!

How did PetitePuf start?

​I have a serious sweet tooth! (Honestly, you should see my candy cupboard at home!) When I was a kid my favourite part of the summer was going to the PNE for cotton candy, probably because I hate going on the rides. I used to save up all my pocket money and pick out the biggest cotton candy I could find! It was an extra special memory that stuck with me. When I got married 5+ years ago I wanted to share not only these special memories but also make new ones and wanted a vendor that supplied cotton candy – and the same kind of services that we do; a little decor, a unique offering, some entertainment, and some magic to create special moments for our guests, but we couldn’t find anyone so when I had some time I got planning, and the result was PetitePuf and the rest is history!

PetitePuf cotton candy and cupcakes and cart

What’s a typical day in the PetitePuf office?

Every day is so varied it is never the same! One day we might be prepping for a large-scale event, the next we might be in our kitchen sampling new flavours and taking photos for our social media. It usually consists of a lot of emailing back and forth with our amazing Sales and Marketing Manager, Randa Salloum (also an amazing Vancouver blogger!) on the fly but I often find I am most productive when over-scheduling and on the move so ​that works best for me!

Guy eating petitepuf cotton candy

What did you find worked best for you in terms of Social Media Growth?

​Consistent posting, creative and original content, staying true to the brand (visually), ​and online and off-line networking. We’re lucky to have such a great product that we can play with so much but have also been conscious not to wander too far from what our followers expect to see from us. We have also posted consistently – once a day – and we can really see our engagement and numbers reflected in our frequency.  We have also been featured in some great on line and off-line publications and are so grateful for the supportive businesses in Vancouver that have given us some really great exposure. It’s not always all about the online world – you have to build relationships offline too!

What has been the coolest thing that’s happened for PetitePuf?

​Wow, tough question! This year has been such an amazing year with such outstanding growth for PetitePuf it’s hard to pick just one! We have worked with some very special clients and companies and have been featured in some super cool publications. Smarties designing our own custom Smarties Box was rad but I think just watching the company grow has been the best!

Petite Puf Cotton candy

What are some projects that you’re currently working on?

Stay tuned to our Instagram for more. We’re working on some great Christmas offerings and planning ahead for the spring already!

What’s your favourite flavour of Cotton Candy?

​That’s a tough one too! I’m a big fan of our Organic French Vanilla as it’s such a warm buttery french vanilla but during the wintertime my favourite has to be our Chai – it’s such a great aromatic flavour that just makes you want to cozy up with it and a good book. You can smell it from another room as soon as we’re spinning!

PetitePuf Cotton Candy at a show

Best places for desert in Vancouver?

​Ooohhh… can I say the PetitePuf kitchen? Next to Cotton Candy I’m a macaron girl so I’m dying for the new Laduree to open in a few weeks!

What’s next for PetitePuf?

​We’re expanding across Canada! We’re in the process of looking for partners in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal to own and run their own PetitePuf’s. Exciting times for our company! ​

PetitePuf Cotton Candy founder

How can people reach you?

​Please email us at [email protected] or send us a direct message on Instagram.