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By Trilby Goouch August 19, 2015

#MadeByPacific. Pacific Design Lab creates custom-made furniture. It’s made by good people for good people. We met with the founders in their workshop to discuss where they’ve been, where they are, and where they’re going.

Pacific Design Lab Members

Do Cool Stuff

At networking events we say we do custom furniture and interior outfitting. But we like to say, “We are just normal people, doing really cool stuff.”

Pacific Design Lab Table

We wanted something special, something cool, something that would make people say, “OMG, where’d you get this table?” when they walk into your place.

Made By Pacific

Brandon founded Pacific Solutions Contracting (PSC) about five years ago. He built up that business, brought Darren on as a partner a couple of years later and they’ve been growing that ever since.

In December 2013, we officially launched Pacific Design Lab (PDL).  When we started, we had the intention of working with a lot more consumers on residential projects, but through the network that we’ve built with the restaurant industry and PSC, we’ve built this little niche where we do custom commercial work.Exposed Wood Grains
If we couldn’t find that in the stores, we were just gonna build it.

Made In House

While PDL is more focused on furniture and interior design, PSC carries out the bigger jobs, renovations and things like that.

If a client was building a restaurant, they would usually have to look to other places to get furniture, but by having the two sides of the business, it gives us more control and allows us to maintain the level of quality that we want.

Pacific Design LabWe can really make sure that everything aligns and matches perfectly.


We were at that stage where we wanted a new table, but we’ve grown out of IKEA. We looked at other stores and we couldn’t find anything where the price point matched the quality.

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 1.27.25 PM

Maybe it’s a little bit more than if you buy it off the shelf, but it’s going to last you a lifetime

The Cutting Boards

We made cutting boards one year for Christmas for friends and family and everyone loved them. It was awesome and we really thought that was pretty special.

Cutting boards

What we really wanted was pieces that bring people together. Whether it be food and tables and meals. Just creating stories and memories.

It’s the People

We like working with people, we’re friendly, we’re very transparent, we’re very fair, and we’re not going to rip you off. Our goal is to build our business, but we do that by helping you build your business. That’s where we get the most enjoyment.

It’s the Lifestyle

This company is born out of a reflection of ourselves and the things that we do and love, the things that we believe in, the lifestyle that we want to live and want to help others live too.

It’s Handmade

Beautiful pieces that are handmade, made with care and love, and are accessible and attainable for our generation or group of people.

It’s the Environment

We want to be sustainable as much as possible, so if we think there is a lot of beauty in pieces that other people might just see as scrap wood or whatever, we can do something with that. We can give it a sand and a beautiful finish and turn it into a piece that otherwise might not have happened.

Vancouver Forests

It’s West Coast

I think we’re also just lucky that we live in a place like BC where we have beautiful wood and great materials and we can source everything so close to home. We don’t have to look elsewhere and worry about transporting things around – it’s all kind of our home, our parks, and where all of this was born.

Woodshop Studio

“It was tough before because we didn’t really have a space to engage with our customers. But now, this is like home and we can do so much. We want to do more products and have this as a kind of showroom. People want to touch, they want to feel, they want to get a sense of the quality. Now we have a place where that can all happen.

Custom for Customers

We always offer a range of options for our clients and then they can find something that matches. When we’re developing our line of products, we have to keep things cost effective to be in that middle-ground between off the shelf and custom made.

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 1.33.35 PM

We don’t want our clients to be buying things that they can’t afford either so we want to create something that is going to work.

Tough Choices

I recently left my job in tech (I was at a Vancouver startup) so that was a big thing for me. When we started, I was trying to do PDL stuff after work from 6pm to midnight, but that wasn’t going to work long term.

Change is good

We’re working on a new website and a little bit of a brand refresh so that’s also kind of scary. It’s just change. Like here’s our logo and where we’ve come from and now we’re looking at adjusting it a little bit and taking that next step. So it’s really exciting, but it’s also just change. But we feel like it’s a good time and that’s why we’re doing it.


We’re evolving as a company, we’re growing up. We’re in our teenage years.

Growing Up

We started PDL mostly because we loved what we were doing. It all happened very organically. Now we’re looking and strategizing more for the future.

We definitely want to do more coffee tables, more furniture pieces, and we want to incorporate a lot more steel into our work too. While reclaimed is really popular and amazing and great right now, we always want to be moving forward and looking ahead.

Do What You Love

If we had an extra hour a day we would… Go to the beach? I’d probably work on the next item on my to-do list to be honest. We do work a lot, but for us it’s not really work.

Silver Linings

It’s easy to get caught up in all of the things that are happening and lose sight of why you started when everything is stressful and there are a million things to do.

Step back and take a minute to gain your perspective and when you look at things, don’t focus on what you have to do or haven’t done, but look at all the things you have done.

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