Creators of Vancouver | Latergramme

By Trilby Goouch July 24, 2015

Traction Conference Demo 2

Cindy Chen, Co-founder and UI/UX Designer at Latergramme, shares her experience and insights on what it takes to build a successful app.

Tell us a bit about Latergramme and how it came to be.
The very first version of Latergramme was built under 48hrs at a hackathon! At the time, all four co-founders of Latergramme worked at other startups in the Launch Academy office.

We decided to enter the hackathon as a team to build something fun for the weekend; little did we know back then our side project would turn into something that nearly 300,000 people would be using today to manage their visual content.

If you were to give Latergramme 3 personality traits, what would they be and why?

Adaptable: Whether you are managing 1 or 10 (or more!) Instagram accounts, working with a team or solo, Latergramme adjusts to meet your needs.

Curious: We are always eager to find out how we can make managing visual content a breeze for our users.

Outgoing: We loving meeting new people! Every month we host a Latergrammers Meetup where we do fun things together, teach you how to take better pictures, and soar in the visual social media space. This month our meetup was a yoga and photography session held at Brainstation. Attendees participated in a group yoga session and afterwards learned tips on how to take stunning photo of their yoga poses, as well as how to use Latergramme to manage their Instagram accounts.

What was your biggest challenge when you were building the business?
Time and priority management. There really isn’t a set course for what you are supposed to do when you build a startup. The learning curves are steep, and most of the time you have to climb them exceedingly fast!

What is your favourite part of working at Latergramme?
I’m currently focused on the product side of Latergramme, so that means everyday I get to work with the team to shape how the product interacts with our users and vice versa. It’s a different challenge every time I come into the office.

Every time we roll out new features, we also try to do something fun with it. Recently, at Traction Conference, we did a group selfie with the conference attendees to showcase an upcoming feature which allows Latergramme users to have multiple people contributing original content to the same Instagram account.

What is one app you cannot live without?
Latergramme – of course! But my second choice would be Spotify! I’m most productive when I’m listening to their “Workout Twerkout” playlist.

Do you have any advice for future entrepreneurs looking to make their mark in the industry?
Start now and work on adapting and iterating as you go. If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.

Where do you see Latergramme in 10 years?
Our goal at Latergramme is to help our users better streamline their visual social media content aggregation and distribution channels. Visual in the social media space is still at its infancy, so we are going to grow along with the industry and be really adaptive to whatever shape it morphs into. Maybe in 10 years, we will be helping brands distribute virtual reality content like pepperoni pizza holograms.

Favourite Vancouver restaurant of the moment?
Anywhere with uni and salmon sashimi!

And finally…why should someone use Latergramme?
Latergramme helps you get smarter about what, how and when you post content to visual social media platforms. The golden rule to building a solid following is to have a steady stream of consistent, high quality content. It’s crucial to post content smartly, monitor what is and isn’t working, and engage with your audience – and Latergramme can help with that. Give Latergramme a try and make your social media game strong.