Creators of Vancouver | Jillian Sheridan of Eastwood Cycle Sanctuary

By Ben Blair July 3, 2015

Live West. Ride East. Words to live by at Eastwood Cycle Sanctuary, Jillian Sheridan’s second venture. We went to visit her at her Moroccan themed studio to talk about her latest project, her inspirations, and her journey.


From digital marketing agency to fitness studio.
In 2012, Jillian Sheridan was running her own digital marketing agency, Gold Lemon Creative. But after three successful years Jillian decided to dedicate her time exclusively to Eastwood Cycle Sanctuary, a passion project that she started with her husband.

“We fell in love with spin, but neither of us had a background in fitness, so when we started this business we really didn’t know what was going to happen! We had ideas of what we wanted Eastwood to become, so we did our due diligence and put a lot of time into branding and research.”


“We called it a sanctuary because we wanted it to be a place where people could let go of everything and focus on themselves.”

You have to crawl before you can ride.
With her background in digital marketing, Jillian developed a successful marketing strategy prior to opening in September 2014.

“We knew right from the get go that we really wanted to utilize social media. We started posting online in April 2014 with a slow roll out of our studio, but we didn’t release any information as to what we were until May. We posted images with one colour then went into other colours and it basically became the colour pallette that we still use for social media today. The posts created a lot of buzz and really got people wondering what we were.”

Come for a workout, leave with an experience.
Eastwood is more than just a spin studio – it offers beautifully designed apparel in a beautifully designed space.

“Designing the apparel is very time consuming, but I love it – it’s one of my favourite parts of owning Eastwood. Jamie Collins from NewFoundBrand, helped us with our latest collection and his creativity is mind-blowing.”


“One of our biggest inspirations comes from vintage rock and roll, specifically Woodstock 1969, which is reflected in our SS2015 line.”

Taking inspiration from the places you love.
Like with everything else at Eastwood, Jillian was incredibly involved in creating the website.

“It was actually inspired by different hotels, coffee shops, and restaurants from around the globe, specifically in New York that we found really inspirational. We had an agency initially create it for us and now we have an incredible developer, Brendan Mercy, who does the large structural changes. But I’m on it literally everyday updating and changing things to keep it fresh.”

Technology for the win.
Eastwood is one of the only fitness studios with an app and the team constantly uses technology to make their jobs and lives easier.

“We’re on a new scheduling system called When I Work and it’s amazing. I love it. I think Tesla and the Sonos team and a lot of other really funky and super cool companies are using it for scheduling their team.”


“I learn a lot from our riders. It’s very inspirational to sit down with them and hear about who they are and their feedback.”

Spread the love.
With a growing community of riders, Eastwood Cycle Sanctuary has quickly become the go to spin studio in Vancouver. Right now, Jillian is focused on ensuring the flagship location offers the best possible experience, but her long term plan is to spread the love and bring Eastwood to other communities.

“You have to be ready to learn. Stepping out of your comfort zone can be a huge hurdle, but it’s so rewarding. So just keep an open mind, talk to a lot of people, and be aware that sometimes when you think you know something, you actually don’t.”


Peace. Love. Spin


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