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By BrainStation September 14, 2015

The Art of Barbering

Barbering, so much more then just a haircut. The trade has been around for decades but is currently making its comeback. I caught up with Warren from the Yaletown Barber and Co. location to talk shop on the new “it” job.


How long have you been a barber and how did you get into it?

I’ve been barbering for almost 5 years now. When I was 18 I visited a friend in Santa Cruz who worked for his brothers salon. I saw how exciting, fun and challenging the job was and it immediately caught my attention. I had already enrolled in university for counselling and psychology so I decided to stick with that and ended up counselling kids kindergarten – grade 12. Due to stress and burning out I quit and almost immediately thought about doing hair again but rather than deal with the stress of woman’s hair I chose the tradition of barbering. 

Have you seen a big change in the industry since you’ve started? 

In the last 5 years since I started, I have seen barbering become the “it” job

Do you find the industry growing or has it always been this popular?

Barbering has always been there but it is now growing and evolving, you cannot be a modern barber without having a few weapons in your arsenal learned from hair stylists. 

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Do you think it’s more in the public eye because of social media and men caring more about their appearance or is this nothing new?

Social media just makes barbering more accessible. Barbers can learn from each other, men can see a wide variety of styles and bring pictures to the barbers. Men have always cared how they look, social media is showing that barbers are better equipped and educated than the barbers of the past and we can now pull men out of the hair salons and get them back to the barber shops where they belong. 

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Is social media a big part of being a successful barber now?

Social media can definitely get your name and work out there. Each social media device has a different way to attach media. To be successful these days barbers and really any entrepreneur or start up should learn how to tackle Twitter, Facebook, IG…

Do you have a favourite part to your job?

Favourite part of my job is constantly learning. There is always a new hairstyle or new technique, it make in impossible to get bored. 

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Tell me about the school that’s opening up!

The first phase of the barbershop is industry workshops for barbers and stylists to learn new skills or hone existing talents. I will be teaching along side Ian Daburn of our Financial and Cambie locations. First class is a one-day straight razor class on September 13 2015 followed by a fading class and more in depth straight razor shaving class.

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