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By BrainStation October 5, 2015

Tell us a bit about Totum and how it came to be.

When we started Totum in the mid 1990’s, we were dissatisfied with the type and quality of fitness experiences and facilities that existed. We  were motivated by the potential to provide a much more complete and improved approach to clients. Our experience in academics and our inherent traits that focus on helping clients, not selling to clients, were the foundation for what continues today.

Exterior 2013

What does the Totum experience look like, and how does it differentiate from the other gyms?

The Totum experience is a holistic one. In fact, the word Totum is latin for “whole”. We have a multidisciplinary approach with integrated services whereby our fitness, wellness and rehabilitation teams work together to provide optimal results for our clients. Our concern is not simply about performance in the gym, but about improving overall quality of life.

Tell us a little bit more about the services you offer.

In addition to our fitness membership, we offer a range of services that can be combined to suit each individual’s needs. That may include personal training, fascial stretch therapy, registered massage, physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy, acupuncture and/or natural medicine.

Bathrooms of Totum

How do you choose and build your classes?

We’ve built a phenomenal group exercise schedule with over 55 class times each week. The schedule takes into account many factors but is primarily built on member feedback. We have responded to interest in new classes like TRX and Gentle Flow Yoga and maintained old favourites like Boxing Bootcamp and Pilates. We also take care to offer a variety of disciplines and intensity levels suitable to different needs and goals throughout each day.

How have you established your community of followers, did you go through growing pains?

We’ve been a part of the King West community for 13 years now. We’ve grown along with the neighbourhood and are thankful for our loyal members and clients who have helped us grow through referrals and new corporate relationships.

Boxing area south to north at Totum

If you had to describe Totum with 3 personality traits, what would they be?

Knowledgeable, result-driven and caring.

What would you say is the most popular class and why?

Our Boxing Bootcamp is a member favourite. Clint leads a great boxing program that is fun, high energy and produces results. Plus, a lot of our members appreciate the chance to put on their gloves and relieve some stress on the heavy bags during or after a long day!

Totum workout

What’s next for Totum, any expansions or big plans?

Our plan is to add more locations in a few years time. Before then, we will continue improving the experiences of members through ongoing focus on the facility and programs. And hopefully, we’ll have a great café the neighborhood can call home.