Creators of Toronto | MISFIT Studio

By Trilby Goouch August 21, 2015

Photo by: Jessica Blaine Smith |

Meet MISFIT Studio, a Queen West destination for a unique combination of classes design to stretch, strengthen and invigorate. We’re excited to be partnering with the MISFIT team in our fall Digital Marketing course in Toronto, where students will have the opportunity to build out a tailored Digital Marketing campaign for the studio. Here is their story.

Tell us a bit about MISFIT and how it came to be.

Once upon a time I taught at a MILLION studios in Toronto, and just couldn’t find a studio that I loved, so I thought. . .  I guess it’s time to build it.

What does the MISFIT experience look like?

It’s a unique experience in every way. The name, the imagery, the movement, the studio, the people who are magnetized to it. MISFITSTUDIO has become a home, a healing sanctuary, and a hang out where individuality is honoured and freedom is celebrated.

How do you develop your workouts/classes?

MISFITMETHOD is an organic system of movement that combines pilates, yoga and dance seamlessly. A blending and connecting of movement allows the body to untangle. Its all about building length and strength while releasing and feeling free. This is a very natural process for me, and I believe we are all dancers. The primal rhythm can be (re)sparked in anyone!

Misfit Studio Interior
How did you build the MISFIT Community? Word of mouth? Organic? More systematic or methodical?

The MISFITGANG is something that happened naturally. Quickly, as word spread that there was a place where like minded, open hearted people were gathering, not just to take a class, but to go for a glass of wine after, or show up early to read tarot and hang and talk and connect, more and more faces started to show up at the studio. Knowing everyones name is very important to me. Life is full of choices, and students choosing to show up for my classes day after day is incredibly beautiful to me. The least I can do is KNOW everyone!

You do a lot of collaborations with other people, companies, and businesses. How did this come about? What is the importance of collaboration

I believe in the power of numbers. Joining forces with others is a magical happening, when creation and vision can be shared, and it only helps to spread good vibes and encourage MORE magic. Growing up a dancer, I learned early on how wild collaboration is, how connecting and inspiring each other breeds more incredible ideas. Holding hands with other creatives is a very empowering process to me.

How has technology impacted/improved your business?

The platform of Instagram and Facebook Social Media helps me reach far beyond my personal touch. I am a lover of beauty and imagery, so curating the Instagram page is a joy, not to mention an interesting way to expand the audience and gain more exposure. The website is something students also talk about, having created something very specific, inspired and influenced by film noir, the romance of black and white, and celebration of bodies. The online signup is also an extremely helpful tool to keep track of students, classes, payments, sign ins, all the admin stuff!

Do you think you’ll ever get an app?

Its been on the drawing board for a while…

Most exciting / scariest minute on this journey from when MISFIT started?

On July 8, 2013, a hectic storm destroyed my studio, and the roof actually collapsed. It was devastating to watch my dream crumble. It took some time overcoming massive obstacles, and letting go of the dark and choosing to see light. What happened was a strengthening of the community in a way I couldn’t have imagined. A learning that the 4 walls of a studio has very little to do with what ACTUALLY matters, and as I’ve rebuilt my studio, I have gained the faith and trust of so many believers. It’s a reminder that every day is a blessing.

Misfit Studio Open Concept
When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A dancer.

If you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing?

Ooh, these days, I’d say flowers! I have a collection of vintage glass bottles and my weekly meditation ritual is picking wildflowers along the train tracks and filling the bottles with flower arrangements. If I could… I’d do it forever! Flowers for homes, shops, dinners, weddings!

Where can we find the MISFIT team shopping and dining in Queen West?

VINTAGE! There’s a ton of great little gems along the Queen West West paths, and I encourage smart shopping rather than massive American brand shopping. Dining out is always a treat, and if we aren’t picnicking in Trinity Bellwoods Park, we are probably at SUD or Terroni, the amazing team of Italian dining in Toronto! Yummm!

How would you recommend new entrepreneurs learn the skills that are required to start/run their own businesses?

To know your vision inside out and believe in it NO MATTER WHAT!

What does MISFIT look like in 5 years? How do you see this evolving?

Growth and expansion! A second location is in the works currently and it’s just the beginning… There will be a revamped website launching in the Fall with more interactive components and other exciting elements. Also, we will be offering training in all the various misfit movement methods!

What are you most excited about for your collaboration with BrainStation Toronto’s Digital Marketing course this fall?

We are most excited about hearing all of the amazing ideas and that the BrainStation students are going to come up with.  We are also super excited to get a strategy of how to action all of the ideas and to work together to help the business grow!