Creators of Toronto | Easy Period

By BrainStation November 10, 2016

This month, we had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Alyssa Bertram, the mastermind behind Easy Period. Read more about her story and the inspiration behind her business.

Tell us about Easy.

Easy. is a subscription delivery service for 100% organic cotton menstrual hygiene products. We deliver a three month’s supply to our subscribers every three months and donate 5% of all profits to delivering pads and health education to girls in Kenya.


What have you found to be the most successful marketing tactic to build your brand?

To date the most successful marketing tactic has been talking with local bloggers about the service. We’ve gotten a lot of interest from people in the city who find the idea really resonates with them. I think reading about people’s authentic experience with a service is the best testimonial.

What social platform do you most like to engage with your community?

Instagram is definitely my favourite way to engage with our easy. community. I love being able to share things with our followers that hopefully inspire them or get them thinking. I also really love being able to see the events, stores, books, styles that resonate with our community. It really makes you feel like you know exactly who you’re doing it for when they pop up in your newsfeed every day.

How important are partnerships? How does Easy approach partnerships?

I think partnerships are crucially important because they allow you an opportunity to learn from other like minded people. Any brand or business we have chosen to collaborate with has really had to feel right, I definitely trust my intuition when making those sorts of decisions and it’s worked out really well for me so far. Through each new collaboration I meet more inspiring people, learn a few new tricks of the trade and am able to approach things from a perspective that’s not my own- all of which are really important to me.


How does Easy give back to the community?

It was really important for us to approach a somewhat indulgent service (having organic products delivered to your doorstep) with a conscious lens. The way we chose to do this was to partner with ZanaAfrica Foundation, a group that has partnerships with community agencies within Kenya and works to produce and deliver sustainable pads and health education to girls and women. 5% of our profits are donated to the foundation. For us this was a no brainer, I think any woman who cares about her health and feels our service resonates with her would also be inclined to help other women so I think it’s a great fit.

How do you market to women only?

That’s an interesting question and the answer is we don’t! On all of our social media platforms we have followers that identify as various genders. Although our products are only for those who menstruate and our goal is to empower women we also recognize the importance of including everyone in these conversations and supporting those who support our cause. I think people are beginning to become aware of how detrimental it can be to just market to men or to women. Our most recent No Shame campaign is featured in both men’s and women’s washrooms and this was deliberate, our attitudes toward menstruation can never evolve if the conversation is limited to just women.


What differentiates Easy from its competition?

Within Canada we don’t have an all organic menstrual hygiene delivery service. Our competitors therefore are other ways of dealing with menstruation such as menstrual cups and sea sponges or reusable pads. What differentiates us from these different options is really just a consumers personal preference. I think it’s fantastic for women to have safe alternatives to the products they are used to seeing in drug stores and I would encourage them to experiment until they find what is right for them.

What advice would you give for entrepreneurs looking to start their own business?

My advice would be to find whatever it is that lets you hear yourself most clearly, whether it’s yoga, meditation, being in nature, playing music and to do that. I think starting a business can be daunting and it can be all the more daunting when other people’s opinions get into the mix. There’s something to be said for getting a second opinion and getting advice from those you trust but I believe at the end of the day you know most of the answers if you just get quiet enough to listen. I would say be brave, follow your intuition and consider what you will regret more down the line, having tried and potentially failed or having never tried at all.

If you had to define your brand using 3 personality traits, what would they be and why?

Loyal: I think loyalty is built on honesty and transparency and that is how we approach this service, just tell people the truth and you create real loyal, honest connection.
Loving: because at the end of the day we want to make people feel good we want to spread love through all of our communications.
Calm: the whole premise behind our service and it’s name was to make this as simple as possible, we like to approach customer service always from a place of calm – practicing yoga helps!

What is in the future for Easy?

The future for easy. Involves expanding the service to reach as many women who would benefit from it as possible and bringing women together through in person events. We intend to create empowering events for women that leave them feeling inspired. We actually have one coming up with Mary Young at Studio 67, it’s a pop-up shop where you can get all of your lingerie and loungewear as well as your feminine hygiene and hair care needs aka ‘The Essentials’ The pop up runs November 18th-19th with an opening event on Thursday evening (Nov 17th).