Creators of Toronto | Crow’s Nest Barbershop

By BrainStation February 9, 2016

This month at BrainStation Toronto we had the opportunity to chat with Domenico Magisano, barber at Crow’s Nest. We loved learning about this Toronto company and hearing more about Domenico pursuing his passion. Read on to learn more about this modern barbershop.

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When did you start to cut?

I started to cut hair in my basement when I was about 17. Soon I realized how much I like it so I sought professional help and a few months later I was doing a co-op placement at a local barbershop.

What made you want to start this career?

I wanted to get into this career because I had always had an affinity for looking good. I liked to look good, so I wanted to make people look good as well. Also, I had always liked getting fresh haircuts, and through most of my life whatever I liked getting, I wanted to do myself.


What is your favourite part of being a barber?

My favourite part of being a barber would be the overall satisfaction and the look on a clients face when the haircut is over. If you get a smile and a handshake after the haircut, it makes it all worth it.

What are the top 2 cuts that you get asked for, and explain what these cuts are?

The top 2 cuts I get asked for most would be the slicked side part and an undercut. A slicked side part is a traditional cut with a natural partition in the hair, combed to the side and a small pomp in the front (optional pomp). An undercut is a simple haircut in the sense that it is one length on the sides and back and disconnected to the top of the hair leaving you options to slick it to the side or all the way back.


What is your favourite style to cut?

I’m always exploring new styles but my favorite style to cut so far would be a high pompadour with a DA in the back and a tapered neckline. A true classic.

What’s in store for 2016?

In 2016 I see myself doing a lot of things in the industry to help my name grow and to gain more experience everywhere I can.  I hope to grow with Crow’s Nest and meet anyone I can learn from along the way.


Top 2 products for men, and why?

I know you only asked for 2 but I have to put 3.

#1: Crown Shaving Co. Shaving cream is an amazing shave product because of its natural, high quality ingredients and it’s locality to Toronto. 

#2: Grants medium blend Pomade is great because it gives the right amount of shine and stickiness without clumping up or creating flakes upon drying.

#3: 19 fifties matte clay is a clay that is like no other. It has the ability to retain moisture in the hair upon application while still leaving a great hold. This product is also local to Toronto.

You’ve grown a brand on Instagram, what did you find worked best for growing your community?

I’m not done growing yet! I’m still trying to grow as much as I can, but I can say that so far trying to stay humble has helped. Also constantly posting.


Where can people follow you on social, and where can they get their hair cut by you?

People can follow me on Instagram @houseofdom and can also see my work on @crowsnestbarber 

If you guys want a cut I’m at Crows Nest Barbershop in Toronto at 2 Kensington Ave!