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By Yash Paliwal June 8, 2016

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Phew! And just like that, it was over. And what a ride it’s been. Until 10 weeks ago, I used to use this thing called the internet, and today, I stand, empowered with the tools to build and contribute to the mystical land known as the world wide web.

Though it was one of the toughest things I have ever done, the Web Development Immersive program has also been one of the most fulfilling. Throughout the course, I have been exposed to a SIGNIFICANT amount of content, ideas and people, more than what I could have imagined. And coming out the other side, I have gained the very skills I hoped for. At this point, I can visualize and create most any web application that I can imagine (even if it may only be a very basic version of it). More importantly, what I’ve learned about software development, and problem solving, is the very mindset required to understand what are the right questions to ask and where to search for the solutions to those questions.

All this was only possible thanks to instructors, TAs, fellow students and support structure/community that is BrainStation. Rares and Jin, the head instructors of the WDI did an excellent job at providing us the specific knowledge set for web development, along with making us aware of the auxiliary topics/themes around the tech world to make me feel competent enough to proceed with the next steps of my career. Though the WDI is done, I know that my relationship with the BrainStation community isn’t over, I look forward to joining the BrainStation alumni and moving forward with the skills and relationships I have gained over the last 10 weeks.

My final project (A Stock portfolio and charting tool):

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 10.22.04 AM


Yash is taking WDI at BrainStation in Toronto!

Yash is taking WDI at BrainStation in Toronto!

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