Course Reflection | User Experience Design, Ayesha Dhillon

By Ayesha Dhillon July 5, 2016


And… that’s a wrap!

I’m officially an alum of BrainStation’s UX Design class, and I’m leaving feeling a whole lot smarter than when I started! A true testament to the great teachers, and my classmates, who joined me week after week, spending our Wednesdays grinding through class (& loving it!).

Not only did a I learn valuable concepts I can apply at my 9-5 job, but also in my own aspirations of owning my own business one day. I took more from this course than I originally anticipated- primarily when it came down to the final project. Originally, I had plans to create a very user-friendly website that would allow customers to help reduce food waste, by purchasing ‘ugly’ produce. That idea transformed over the classes, and it wasn’t until I was already a good way through my final project that I decided to do a 360. Instead I wanted to create an e-commerce website that would allow people to consign their one of a kind clothing- particularly targeted around Indian weddings. Changing my idea wasn’t the tough part however- it was evolving the original plan into something new. I suddenly was working harder, longer and more enthusiastically since this felt like a true passion project. The research that went into the idea, and the design of the site, all were skills I learnt through class and I had continually had such awesome feedback from them.

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I work with UX designers daily in my job as a Customer Success Manager, and learning the lingo, concepts and design way of thinking has helped me immensely. I find when I work with my team, my ideas aren’t completely farfetched from what they’re thinking- which saves us a lot of time at the drawing board. We both understand the important factors at play when it comes to creating a landing page for a client, which has benefitted our internal team work- always makes the team look cohesive with clients as well.

Overall, I immensely enjoyed my time working in UX at BrainStation- the teachers, students and team were so helpful, excited and inspiring. While I can safely say I won’t be changing my career anytime soon (Hey- live and learn right?), I feel like I have a strong foundation in design and I’m excited about the prospects that lie ahead with my new skills. I hope you enjoyed reading along with me each week, and hey, don’t be a stranger! Come say hi on my little piece of the internet over on twitter (shameless self-promo), where I divulge into all things tech, UX, and marketing related (plus some Taylor Swift)!

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Ayesha graduated from the User Experience Design course at BrainStation in Vancouver.

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