Course Reflection, Sarah Smith | User Experience Design

By BrainStation June 10, 2016

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It’s hard to believe that this class has already come and gone. To think that just 10 weeks ago, I knew virtually nothing about User Experience design is nothing short of amazing. Since then, I’ve learned about all of the creative and strategic decisions that go into each step of the process, and how all the steps together can create incredible, user-friendly products.

I initially enrolled in the course when I realized that UX combined my love of design with my curiosity for problem solving, but after taking this course, I’ve realized that it’s so much more than that. UX design involves a unique mix of research, psychology, logistics, strategy, collaboration, creativity, problem solving, innovation and then testing and retesting and retesting, all of which were covered in this course. Sounds cool, right? No wonder UX is such a fast growing industry!

In addition to learning all these new skills, this class provided the opportunity to meet a lot of amazing and talented people. Everyone had such interesting problems they were trying to solve and by the end, had incredibly impressive final products to share. Not only were the students extremely friendly, but the instructors, too, were very approachable and supportive throughout the course. They were really knowledgeable of the industry and were always willing to answer questions, help with project work and act as a sounding board to bounce ideas off of. Together with the classroom environment, it made each week interesting and fun, and had me looking forward to the next week’s class.

Overall, I could not be happier with my decision to take this User Experience Design course. The experience was truly an unforgettable and rewarding one, and I can’t wait to enrol in another course or workshop in the near future. The only question is…which one next?!

Sarah is taking UX Design at BrainStation in Toronto!

Sarah is taking UX Design at BrainStation in Toronto!

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