BrainStation Graduate Project Showcase

By BrainStation April 12, 2019

BrainStation regularly hosts Demo Day, our graduate project showcase, across all campuses, and the most recent was the best yet, with over 800 hiring partners and industry professionals in attendance. 

BrainStation diploma programs culminate with students producing an individual portfolio piece for their final Capstone project, and Demo Day is an opportunity to share these projects with hiring partners, fellow students, and the BrainStation community.

 Demo Day

 We’ve rounded up a few of the top projects from graduates of our last Data Science, User Experience Design, and Web Development diploma programs.


Dakarai Turner – UX Design Diploma Program

The Soundie app is a platform designed to connect musicians and help them receive feedback from music industry professionals. The platform enables users to make connections, share their music, and gain valuable feedback to help them move forward in their craft. To find out more about Soundie, connect with Dakarai here

UX design


Matthew Monaco – Web Development Diploma Program 

Matthew created a React Native iOS app, Ova, which is a real-time two-player word game. The game starts with each player submitting a word and the app then scrambles each word and shows it to the opposing player, who tries to solve the word scramble. Connect with Matthew here to learn more about his project. 

Web Development

NCAA Tournament Predictor

Clement Wong – Data Science Diploma Program

Clement’s final Capstone project uses data to forecast the winners of each NCAA tournament matchup. The model creates average offensive and defensive ratings for each team and uses these values to predict the winners so that you can build the best possible bracket. Want to learn more? You can connect with Clement here!

Data Science


Sara Farnell UX Design Diploma Program

Booked is an app that allows you to browse and borrow books from the home libraries of people in your life. The app enables you to create a profile, upload your own home library, connect with friends to explore the books on their shelves, and set up a time to swap great reads. To learn more about Booked, connect with Sara here.

Apples to Apples

John Thurman – Data Science Diploma Program

John created a fruit detection model that can recognize and classify a fruit in real time. Using multiple datasets, the model determines which fruit it is being shown and provides the classification. To find out more about how John created Apples to Apples, you can connect with him here.


Karina Bershteyn – User Experience Design Diploma Program

Revive is a mobile app that serves individuals looking to volunteer. The app connects urban individuals to volunteering activities in their city, enabling them to connect with like-minded people with a passion for similar causes. If you’re interested in learning more about Revive, you can connect with Karina.

UX design


Koeun Lee – Web Development Diploma Program

Koeun created the MUZE app as a way for users to determine what type of music they enjoy, and to label their specific musical taste. Based on what songs and artists you like, MUZE gives you a custom “music type”. To learn more about MUZE, connect with Koeun.


Adam Capass0 – Web Development Diploma Program

SeatSuite is a mobile web app that allows sports fans to order food and drinks to their seat to avoid waiting in long concession lines and risk missing part of the game. No setup or login is required and fans can pay directly through the app for added convenience. The goal is to enhance the fan experience at games, while providing an additional sales channel for venues to help improve efficiencies and increase their revenue. If you want to learn more about Adam’s projects, connect here.

CNN Landscape Classifier

Raul Morales Delgado – Data Science Diploma Program

Raul used deep learning to classify landscape images. The model was trained with 14,000 images to identify landscapes, even those with overlapping features such as streets and buildings or glaciers and mountains, with 90.8% accuracy. To learn more about his project, connect here


More projects coming soon! For more information on how to attend Demo Day as a Hiring Partner, please reach out to our Enterprise Team.