BrainStation Alumni Spotlight | Widya Salim

By Trilby Goouch July 8, 2015


Meet Widya, a BrainStation Intro to Web Development Alumni who’s passion for education and code has led her down a very exciting path. Here is her story.

Tell us a bit about your current role.

Following my post-undergraduate travel, I’m currently working in the Economics Department of Centre of Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Jakarta, Indonesia. I’m also involved in an education reform project concerning teacher’s qualification, national curriculum and education quality.  The project is a collaboration between a private school, McKinsey Indonesia, and the Ministry of Education. If everything goes smoothly, we hope to create a nation-wide training and development centre for teachers in Indonesia. It’s all very exciting! I will be starting a new position in Oracle next month.

How did your BrainStation course contribute to your personal/professional success?

I took the intro to website development course while finishing my last semester. I’ve had some programming experience in my first year, but I’ve forgotten most of it. BrainStation reminded me how awesome it is to be able to code, and how resourceful open sources could be if we know how to look. Personally, by introducing me the wonders of front-end, open sources, and a great support network, the course re-sparked my passion for programming. Professionally, the ability to code is always a plus!

What was your favourite part of your BrainStation experience?

The opportunity to keep in contact after finishing my class! I’m able to reconnect with the alumni community, and meet new people through events. I love to share and learn new skills with anyone who’s interested!

Do you have any advice for those looking to break into the tech industry?

With very limited knowledge, I would encourage you to find great mentors! Also, perseverance, curiosity, and courage go a long way ─ never be afraid to introduce and embarrass yourself. Anyway, I’ll get back to you after I start my new job.. haha.

Where would we find you on a weekend in Toronto?

Depends on what’s going on. Is there any events related to food going on? I’ll be there. Otherwise, you could either find me strolling through Queen St. (especially café  in Hotel Ocho) or around Eglington. I actually just got into photography, so I’d love to walk around GTA and maybe out of town on weekends when I come back.

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