BrainStation Alumni Spotlight | Kyle Lubieniecki

By Trilby Goouch July 16, 2015


Meet Kyle, our Intro to Web Development Alumni who joined us this past winter to learn how to build a website from scratch. Find out what Kyle enjoyed about his course, and how it helped him get to where he is today.

Tell us a bit about your current role.

I currently work at Info-Tech Research Group, an IT research and advisory firm that produces actionable research for IT leaders and CIOs. Our research is offered in the form of DIY guides on a range of IT projects. In addition, we offer consulting services to provide our clients with more customized work.

I work in our Applications practice where I’m focused on User Experience, Web Development, and E-Commerce research. Previously, I was working in our Strategy and Leadership practice.

How did your BrainStation course contribute to your personal/professional success?

Personally, the goal of taking the course was to help quickly bring my ideas into fruition. I have a lot of ideas on paper, but rarely do they get put into action. BrainStation has helped me move beyond the initial idea phase and into the execution phase. The class also gave me the capabilities required to communicate more complicated ideas to people who have more advanced programming skills to take these ideas to the next level.

Today’s rate of technological change makes it ever more important to remain technologically literate and to understand the fundamental ins and outs of the products that we all use so frequently. BrainStation improved my technology literacy to the point where, at my current company, I was able communicate the important role that UX design plays in the development of effective websites and applications. As a result, I am now focused on our research in the areas of User Experience, Website Development, and E-Commerce.

What was your favourite part of your BrainStation experience?

When learning technical skills independently, one of the biggest challenges is getting past those times when you’re stuck in a rut. Sometimes this frustration can even cause you to give up learning the skill entirely. While there are endless resources out there, BrainStation offers invaluable in-person help when you don’t understand something.

Being relatively new to Toronto I was looking for a creative outlet that surrounded me with smart, like-minded people. Getting to know motivated people in the city was also a great benefit of being part of the BrainStation community. One of the keys to progress is to feed off smart people and BrainStation fostered a perfect environment for this to happen.

Do you have any advice for those looking to break into the tech industry?

You don’t need to be a whiz to be in the industry. However, you must be constantly curious, open minded, and willing to learn. While a technical background may help, technological innovation has transcended the ability to grasp absolutely everything. Being curious enough to consistently learn new skills and flexible enough to work with technical teams to solve tough problems will be the characteristics that contribute to your long-term success.

If you’re worried that your degree or career is leading you down a different path, don’t let school get in the way of your education. Stay focused on learning new things. BrainStation was the perfect place to do this.

Where would we find you on a weekend in Toronto? (go-to spots in Toronto)

On a nice day, you’d definitely find me exploring new areas of the city on my bike or enjoying the scene in Trinity Bellwood’s Park. If I’m not there, you’d find me reading something new, working on my next project somewhere along Bloor West, or grabbing a bite to eat along the Ossington strip. There’s always something new popping up in this vibrant city, making it difficult for me to stay in one spot.

And now for the big reveal…tell us a bit about your website.

I didn’t really have a project focus going into the course, I just wanted to remain open to learning new skills and technologies then find a way to apply them. I have many interests, so I decided to make a personal page that linked to my other online platforms, such as my SoundCloud, Vimeo, and LinkedIn accounts.

I was able to keep the website responsive to remain accessible across devices while also incorporating various new ideas, such as the video header, motion blur effect, and embedded code for the map and playlist. This was all accomplished by using technologies such as the Mandrillapp API, Twitter Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, and some JavaScript.

View Kyle’s Website

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