Alumni Spotlight | Olivia Truong, SoapBox Innovations

By BrainStation April 19, 2016

My name is Olivia Truong. I was born and raised in Toronto and studied visual arts at a young age. I got into a program in CyberARTS (tech side of arts) learning Photoshop and Illustrator. Then I went to York University / Sheridan College to learn about graphic design, and was introduced to interactive design in some of the courses they offered. I got involved with startups in 2nd or 3rd year, which led me to design at SoapBox, a tech startup. I am SoapBox’s single designer from marketing to product, and I am also responsible for maintaining the website and product design.

I took the part-time UX/UI course last summer at BrainStation. The reason why I took it is because at SoapBox I was handling marketing, but I wanted to get into product. I have a few friends who work at Konrad Group, BrainStation’s parent company, which is how I heard about BrainStation and its course offerings.

In order to evolve and get into product, I had to learn more about UX/UI; I had a graphic design background which was more print related. I was really debating between learning iOS or UX/UI but I knew that the iOS course was more challenging and UX/UI was more relevant to what I do.

I would recommend BrainStation to friends who are very new to the field. I got to meet new and interesting people that I still keep in touch with from the class; it’s great to see where everyone ends up having added UX/UI to their skill set. I also found it really valuable learning from those who were already in the industry; I had Jeff from 500px, Riley from Freshbooks, and Vadim from Canada Post as my educators and they were really motivating and so talented!

Olivia is a BrainStation Alumni!

Olivia is a BrainStation Alumni!

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