Alumni Spotlight | Naim Jutha, Full-time Web Development

By BrainStation September 6, 2016

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My name is Naim Jutha. I hail from Nobleton, ON – don’t worry, i didn’t know it existed until we moved in… I was recently presented with the opportunity to be CMO of a new Toronto Startup called Fiix.

What course did you take at BrainStation, and when did you take it?

I took the Web Development Immersive Course. The course ended on June 3, 2016.

What did you do prior to taking your course? What prompted you to take a course?

I graduated from The University of Waterloo with a Bachelors of Accounting & Financial Management. I then worked for ~2 years as a Staff Accountant before realizing that I needed a new challenge. After leaving in December 2015, I co-founded a Men’s Accessory Line called SimpleAs Co ( In this process, I learned the basics of web design and marketing and decided to explore the possibility of transitioning from the Accounting industry to the ever-popular Tech industry.

What was the most challenging part of your course?

Other than being a complete beginner to all programming languages, the most significant challenge was re-learning how to learn. By the end of the course, Google became my best friend.

Did you have a favourite part of your experience with BrainStation?

Yes – Definitely all the additional resources provided in and out of class as well as the great commitment by the teaching staff to help out in any way they could.

Did you do work outside of class?

Yes! I was motivated to work ahead and try additional challenges provided by Instructors. In addition, I spent time learning the fundamentals of Social Media Marketing & SEO.

What do you do now?

I recently joined a Toronto startup called Fiix. Fiix has been referred to as the Uber for  Auto Mechanics. It provides an online platform for car owners to get a car-specific quote for any repair service and book an appointment. Once an appointment is made, a Mechanic will come to your house or office to perform the service – all payments are accepted through stripe. Fiix is currently backed by Velocity (Waterloo) & is a member of the YC Fellowship (San Francisco).

I hold the position of CMO at Fiix. I am in charge of designing and implementing marketing campaigns on multiple platforms, PR, & SEO. I also assist in Sales & Strategic Growth.

How has the course helped you in your career?

Brainstation was the perfect platform to jumpstart my career in the tech industry. Not only was the course content helpful in acquiring this position (as I have to communicate with the dev team daily), but it taught me how to be comfortable with uncertainty. The tech industry changes everyday and we have to adapt in whatever way possible to stay afloat and thrive in this market.

Would you recommend BrainStation to a friend?

No doubt. I would recommend it to any friend looking for a career change or if they desire guidance on a startup idea.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I’d like to give a thanks to the team and I wish them all well in their future endeavours. And if anyone needs a car service, I can get you discounts ;)!