Alumni Spotlight | Lesley Anderson, UX Design and Web Development

By BrainStation May 17, 2016

“This course was the jumpstart I needed to get up to date with responsive and adaptive web technology – which has been a great benefit to me as a designer. I was really impressed with the amount of ground we could cover in such a short time. I highly recommend to anyone who wants a crash course in sought-after coding skills” -Lesley Anderson

Let’s start with an introduction of yourself, what’s your name, where do you live, what do you do?

Lesley Anderson, I live in Vancouver BC and I’m a UX/UI Designer. 


What course did you take at BrainStation, and when did you take it?

UX Design and Web Development in the fall of 2015

What did you do prior to taking your course? What prompted you to take a course?

Prior to BrainStation I finished an MFA and was looking to work as a designer. I had some training from my first degree, but I felt out of date and was looking to get up to speed.


What was the most challenging part of your course?

Staying on top of the new materials and resources covered. Brain station gives you a lot of information each week to absorb.

Did you have a favourite part of your experience with BrainStation?

Meeting multi-talented, inspiring people and feeling a part of the tech community in Vancouver. Learning about other languages and skills I could aim to develop in the future.


Did you do work outside of class?

Yes, for both classes. You definitely get what you put in.

What do you do now? (if it’s different)

I’m currently working as a UX/UI Designer, doing wireframing, prototyping and user testing. Prior to this, I worked as a communication designer creating materials for print and e-mail campaigns.


How has the course helped you in your career?

I can speak with authority to mobile first and responsive design, rapid and clickable prototyping. Without it, I wouldn’t have the same confidence around web design as I do now or the same clarity around how I want to progress in the future.

Would you recommend BrainStation to a friend?



Lesley took Intro to Web Development and User Experience Design at BrainStation.

User Experience Design
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