Alumni Spotlight | Emma Nicholson, SEO, SEM & Analytics

By BrainStation July 6, 2017

SEO, SEM & Analytics


Meet Emma, a recent SEO, SEM & Analytics graduate who joined us for 10 weeks in Toronto. Get inspired by Emma’s experience, and how she’s applied her learnings to boost the online presence of her and her husband’s business.

What were you doing before the course?
I was and still am mostly a full-time Mum to our 3 and 5 year old boys. However, with the rare time I get with no kids I have been developing my husband’s website,

I started from zero knowledge and built it through WordPress, originally just to give clients something to look at. It became increasingly obvious we needed to do more and I started working on SEO. I managed to get to a certain point and then seemed to hit a wall. A photography client of Rob’s told him she had taken a class at BrainStation and how great it was. I looked into it and signed up almost immediately.

What prior experience (if any) did you have in the course material taught?
Everything I knew before the course I learned myself. I had conversations with a couple of people who have done some SEO for their own websites and that helped a bit. They pointed me in the direction of some of the free tools available online, but the class Trevor taught, really helped me to utilise them in much better ways.

Why did you decide to enroll in the course?
BrainStation was recommended to me, as I mentioned. Looking at the site, the SEO class was exactly what we needed to help boost our business. The course description sounded perfect and the class was also a reflection of that description.

What were your feelings going into it? Excited? Nervous?
Honestly? Going the first time I came to the BrainStation building was a big deal, I felt like I was going to throw up! I have horrendous anxiety and new situations are really overwhelming for me. The BrainStation atmosphere is really calm and organized and everyone is so welcoming it really helped me overcome some of that. I think it’s difficult coming from being at home with the kids all day and switching gear into an adult learning environment! I can be building sandcastles in the park in the afternoon with my kids, then off to school with people who have been working all day. It’s been great to do something for myself, and something that benefits my family.

What job did you land coming out of the course?
I wasn’t looking to land a job coming out of this. I hoped that this would allow me to continue to work from home and hopefully expand into a small business one day, helping entrepreneurs who need help getting a website online, that clients and customers can find.

How has the course empowered you in your current role?
The SEO class was perfect for what we needed. Our business was pretty much no-where. My husband is an amazing photographer and it used to be that word of mouth referrals were the only marketing he needed. With everything becoming more and more online, it was obvious we needed to be more visible online. I had every faith he could make a living as a photographer if we could figure out how to market his photography online. Trevor has helped us do that.

Anything else you’d like to add to the experience?
I’ve just finished the course in Web Development and fully intend to take another class, maybe in September. Taking the SEO class and seeing the success that it has brought had definitely given me more confidence that I can make this a career/business. I think the classes are well paced and also pack a lot of information into 10 weeks.

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