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By BrainStation August 22, 2016


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Last week we presented our findings in the form of a pitch to our respective clients. The last few weeks of class were busy times for all of my group members so putting the presentation deck together was a bit of a challenge. Nevertheless, we were able to put together a presentation of our findings for our client, KOTN.


Similarly to weeks previous, learning at BrainStation continued to be a distinct pleasure. I learned so much from my classmates and instructors and was given plenty of opportunity to apply new skills. I would say the most valuable part of the experience was learning about current industry best practices from our instructors. Learning theory and how to use tools is important, but with enough knack and passion, these concepts can be self-taught. BrainStation culminates the two (hands-on, practical learning with industry experience) in a way that is fun, friendly and efficient. I think there is tremendous value in bringing together wisdom, tools, and theory.

Another thing that I enjoyed about BrainStation is the flexibility of the lectures. BrainStation is able to respond to the dynamic world of digital marketing without needing to negotiate bureaucracy or red-tape. Don’t get me wrong: I think having a degree is very important in today’s job market; however, I don’t think that colleges or universities are doing very well at teaching current technical skills. To learn what I learned at BrainStation at a college or university would have taken at least six classes (or a full semester and a half).

I also really enjoyed the pace of delivery. I find oftentimes (especially when it comes to technical topics) college/university level instruction moves too slowly, which hampers learning for some. BrainStation’s lectures are packed, but they never seemed like too much.

To summarize, I think anyone who is looking to upgrade their skills, or learn the baseline of something quickly, should consider BrainStation. The BrainStation community is supportive and friendly, and as an institution, they really seem to care that you succeed after class is finished. Before I had even finished my Digital Marketing course, someone at a digital agency approached me through LinkedIn for a position. This agency shares a few connections with BrainStation so I don’t think that this was a coincidence. I wish my classmates the best of luck in their future careers and I hope to keep in touch.

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Daniel Crough

Daniel is taking Digital Marketing at BrainStation in Vancouver.

Daniel is taking Digital Marketing at BrainStation in Vancouver.

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