Alumni Spotlight | Angelique Lazarus, Full-time Web Development

By BrainStation June 23, 2017

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Meet Angelique, a ESL teacher who decided to dive into Web Development in our 10 week bootcamp. Learn about why Angelique chose BrainStation over other bootcamps, her favourite aspects of the course, and what she’s excited to achieve post-graduation.

What were you doing before the program?

Before doing BrainStation’s Web Development bootcamp, I had been an ESL Teacher for 8 years. Most recently, I taught English at a high school in South Korea for 2 years until March 2017.

What prior experience (if any) did you have in the course material taught?

My prior experience with code came through self-study. I had studied on my own and with friends using online courses such as Free Code Camp, CodeCademy, Udemy, etc. Once, we also attempted pair programming, which was marginally successful.

Why did you decide to enroll in the program? Why BrainStation?

When I have a handle on the parameters of a puzzle, I have no problem sitting and figuring it out as long as it takes. When there are unknown variables and I don’t even know what I don’t know, it becomes harder not to quit. Being in the same room as my Educators daily ensured that I didn’t quit. I chose BrainStation because, of the bootcamps I spoke with, the culture seemed most in-line with what I was looking for: No expectations of staying for 10-12 hours every day for 10 weeks; Introduction to a community of other Developers; Occasional free-passes or discounts to networking opportunities. The free coffee and snacks were also great, but I didn’t know about them until after I started.

What were your feelings going into the program? Excited? Nervous?

Going into the program, I was excited to learn and nervous that I might fail.

What did you enjoy most about your BrainStation experience?

I enjoyed working and learning with my classmates, learning from and sharing with my educators, and finding out that I knew more than I thought I did when I was able to help my classmates from time to time. I also appreciated that I found myself in one of the warmest learning environments I’d ever been in (and I’ve been in a lot).

What sort of role do you intend on landing coming out of the program? Dream job?
I am actively looking for work as a full-stack Web Developer. My ideal position is working with a small to medium-sized company in the education or healthcare industries. Culture-wise, I’d like to work somewhere I can receive mentorship and other education opportunities, with a more flat management policy (rather than strict hierarchy).
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