Alumni Spotlight | Gabrielle Burke, Digital Marketing

By BrainStation July 14, 2017

g ceramic & co

Get to know Gabrielle, a BrainStation Vancouver Alumni who enrolled in our Digital Marketing course and is now taking UX Design and SEO/SEM & Analytics. Get inspired by her story building her digital skills, and how BrainStation helped kick start her business g ceramic & co offering pottery classes in Vancouver.

How did Digital Marketing help you reach your digital goals?

Digital Marketing educated me on topics I had known about, but not had any experience in. I’ve been building my business g ceramic & co. selling artisan ceramics over the past two years -started part time initially and have moved to full time within the last year teaching pottery classes in Vancouver- so I knew there were areas I needed to improve on, but was unsure how to move forward. Enrolling in the course broadened my current knowledge by teaching me the technical terms of practices I was already employing in my business as well educating me on topics I had not delved into like E-mail Marketing and Google AdWords.

What job did you land coming out of the course, or how has it impacted your current role?

It has significantly impacted my business. I am taking the Digital Marketing aspect so much more seriously. Prior to the Digital Marketing course I had been relying on organic Instagram exposure; boosting the occasional post on Facebook; and connections made from doing Artisan Markets. Those are great, but I knew I needed to take it to the next level. Now my business is registered on Google & Google Maps, I have successfully run several Facebook Ads, and am in the middle of my first Google AdWords Campaign. I recently expanded my business into teaching Pottery Classes & Workshops, and the Facebook Ad helped me gain exposure with my Launch Party and successfully fill my first two classes!

What is the biggest takeaway from your BrainStation experience?

Honestly, the biggest takeaway for me from enrolling in BrainStation’s Digital Marketing Course was the confidence and excitement moving forward. It showed me a taste for Digital Marketing, and the possibilities for g ceramic & co. There were some tools and resources shown to me that led to immediate results: it got my feet wet and then I realized I wanted to dive in. As an Entrepreneur I feel like it can be useful to hire someone to do these things for you, but I think it’s better to learn them yourself, so you have the knowledge of what’s possible. I’m not just treading water anymore, I’m swimming!

Following the Digital Marketing course what made you want to learn User Experience and SEO/SEM & Analytics?

After the class I spoke to my instructor and expressed my interest and excitement to learn. I felt that the Digital Marketing Course was a great overview, but wanted to learn more. I am now enrolled in both UX Design and SEO/SEM & Analytics courses to further my knowledge. As an artist with no business background I was pretty much unaware of the capabilities and the depth of digital marketing- now I can’t get enough!

What advice do you have for those looking to make a career switch?

I think you have to follow your heart. I believe there’s something all of us are supposed to do, that excites you more than anything else. DO THAT! Other people will see how excited you are about it and they’ll want to support you. You can only be successful doing what you love. I highly recommend the courses at BrainStation, especially for Artists & Entrepreneurs as it is not a scope we are typically aware of. It can only benefit your career and/or business.

What are your career ambitions as you look into the future?

I have a three year plan for my business that will land me in a storefront location. I believe in supporting the community- I am one of only a couple artists I know from the entire time I was at Emily Carr that is still practising. I want to provide several positions for teaching pottery classes & production ceramics, allowing space for their own artist endeavours. I also want to run co-ops with the local Art Universities teaching students the practical side of running an art business. At this point I’d like to step away from production & teaching classes to focus on design and the marketing side. Brainstation has kickstarted my business- before I was complacent, now I know there are endless possibilities.

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