7 Things You Didn’t Know About Your iPhone

By Mauricio Poveda June 29, 2015

1. If you’re in the middle of writing an email, but need to check another message, there’s no need to exit out and save it as a draft while you check! Simply place your finger on the “new message” and slide it down to the bottom of the screen. This will essentially minimize your message until you’re ready to resume writing.

2. There’s another way to answer your texts. If you’re in the middle of an app, you can still get back to your friends right away.  Swiping down on the notification will bring up an action to perform!  For texts, it’s a quick reply box as pictured below.

3. For the photography buffs, the iPhone camera has some hidden features as well. Holding your finger down on the camera screen will cause the yellow square to flash twice, and lock the auto focus and auto exposure.

4. If you’ve ever had the desire to be a spy, here’s your chance. Using this feature found in settings (under the messages tab), you can create audio and video messages that will expire after a set amount of time.  Unfortunately this feature is only available on iPhone 5 or later.

5. If you’re in the middle of class or an important meeting, you can silence an incoming call by pressing the sleep button on the top or side of your phone. Pressing it twice will send the caller straight to voicemail.

6. If you accidentally delete an e-mail, or type something you don’t want to send, you can simply shake your phone and press undo.

7. Ever wonder what time a text was sent or received? Easy.  If you slide your finger to the left on the messages screen, each of the times are shown!

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