6 Google Chrome Extensions You Need To Download

By Trilby Goouch July 9, 2015

Google has seemingly infinite capabilities. There’s no wonder that it massively outperforms competing search engines on a global scale. At BrainStation, we use it non stop. Whether it’s checking our Gmail accounts or creating documents in the Google Drive, we can’t get enough of the wide range of features that Google Chrome has to offer. We’ve compiled a list of a few of the essential Google Chrome extensions that you should add to your browser today:

Pocket – Often when you’re in the middle of something, you stumble upon an article or a video that looks interesting, but you don’t have time to view it. You tell yourself you’ll get back to it later, but you rarely do. With Pocket, you simply click a button to “put it in your Pocket” for later. Pocket stores any links, articles, or photos directly through your browser, and syncs to all of your devices for viewing even when you’re not online.This is a great tool that leaves you with a ton of material before bed or for those with a long commute home.

WhatFont – Ever stumble upon a website with a killer font? Unless you’re quite familiar with typeface, you may not be able to find out what it is. Using WhatFont, you simply hover over a font and the extension detects what is being used.

BuiltWith – A must have for developers, BuiltWith helps show users what technologies a page is built with. This is a great tool for developers looking for tips or help deciding what technologies to use. A few examples include widgets, advertising like AdSense, hosting software like Apache, and publishing, such as WordPress.

Dragdis – Similar to Pocket, Dragdis is an extension where you can store images or videos all in one place, simply by dragging it into a folder on the side of your screen. The folder appears anytime you begin dragging anything, and you can set it so you can share your folder with others, such as your team at work, or your family. Best of all, you can access any of your Dragdis folders from any device!

Stayfocusd – Attention all procrastinators! We all know that when you have something important to do, everything other than completing that one task seems way more interesting. Suddenly, catching up on Netflix or stalking old friends on Facebook seems like a top priority, and next thing you know, it’s been hours and you haven’t gotten any work done. Stayfocusd lets you select the amount of time you want to stay focused, and blocks out any distracting sites of your choice for that period of time. You cannot access those sites until the timer has run out, which is a great way to commit yourself to completing tasks.

Boomerang – Ever wanted to send out an email, but at a later time? The Boomerang extension lets users postpone sending out emails, as well as postpone receiving incoming messages, even if you’re not online. This is great for setting reminders, sending birthday emails on time, and communicating with someone in a different time zone.

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