5 Useful Apps to Add to Your Home Screen

By Trilby Goouch October 8, 2015

“There’s an app for that!” With so many apps available, it can get overwhelming with where to start. Looking to download an app to help you keep track of tasks? Book flights? Edit photos? With so many options out there, I thought I’d curate a list of tried and tested apps, courtesy of the BrainStation team.


Let’s face it – we’re all on the hunt for a bargain, especially when it comes to booking flights. Hopper boasts a clean, simple interface with the goal of helping you monitor and find cheap flights. Pick your location and destination, and Hopper presents you with a month-by-month calendar where you can select trip dates. It then takes you to a page that showcases the lowest price, as well as a prediction of whether the price will increase or decrease, and when that is likely to happen. The ‘keep watching’ feature allows you to get push notifications when the price has dropped on one of your watched flights, with a friendly “You should book now!” message – a great feeling indeed.

IMG_3694Hopper interface

For those of you that Airbnb, the app is arguably more user-friendly than the website. Switch to host mode and get notifications when someone requests a stay, messages you, or submits a payment. You can also easily edit your listing’s availability with the calendar function, meaning there’s no wasting time on recruiting potential guests. Airbnb hosting requires quick response times, so this app is perfect for closing those bookings.


Gone are the days of bookmarking – Pocket is a nifty app that allows you to ‘pocket’ articles on-the-go for offline reading. This serves 3 great functions: 1) It allows you to keep track of those articles you find on the fly but don’t have time to sit down and read, 2) It stores content for future sharing on Twitter or Facebook, and 3) It serves as a go-to source of entertainment when waiting in line at the airport, riding public transit…those moments when you’d kill to have wifi. It also encourages swapping out your go-to habit of browsing Instagram to learn about something new…as we always say, #neverstoplearning.

Pocket app interface IMG_3696

For all of you podcast enthusiasts, this is for you. You may be thinking: why add another podcast app when the standard Apple app works just fine? That was my original thought, until I learned about Overcast’s time-saving, optimizing features. My personal favourite: Smart Speed. The app speeds up a podcast by removing a percentage of conversation pauses, without distorting the conversation. You can see how much time you saved over the day, month, even year – efficient indeed. There is also a feature called Volume Boost which normalizes any changes in volume (i.e. when a person calls in via Skype during an episode), making for a much more pleasant listening experience. Finally, the UI is slick, simple and very intuitive.

Photoshop Express

So good, you’d be surprised it’s free. Photoshop Express is extremely easy to use and boasts great results. Open the app, upload a photo, and start editing! The features offer basic editing functions such as clarity, brightness, vibrance, warmth, shadows, highlights, and you can compare your pre and post edited photo. The app is especially good at bringing dark photos to life.

Photoshop interfaceIMG_3693

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Trilby is the Marketing Manager at BrainStation