5 Useful Apps to Add to Your Homescreen

By John Yoo October 15, 2015

Fall is in full swing, and we’ve rounded up some of the apps we’ve been using here in the BrainStation office to cope with the colder weather.

Uber (and UberEats)

I mean, we all know this one, but we are some serious Uber users.  If you find that there is a price surge and you’re not in an immediate rush, click notify me when price surge is down and you will get a notification in a couple minutes when the price has decreased.  If you haven’t used UberEats, we would also recommend giving this a shot.  It’s basically a food delivery service but with Uber partnered restaurants and drivers.

uber and ubereats uber eats


A (free) workflow app.  We use Trello to manage projects, tasks, and see our weekly productivity on an easy to use platform.  Setting up week long sprints are extremely compatible with Trello, along with observing the status of projects.  These boards can be customized to whatever you’d like, check out this board I made for my blog post on Launching your Side Business!

Trello in use


We spend a lot of time (both good and bad) on this communication app.  For those of you who don’t know, Slack is essentially an app where you can set-up custom communication channels for your entire team.  At BrainStation we set-up channels for each of our classes to ask questions to educators, share files, and network with peers.  There are also many plug-ins you can add to Slack, such as Giphy which is both amazing but can also be incredibly distracting.

Slack, a great communication platform









With a plethora of photo editing apps out there, we recommend trying VSCO for their unique filters and custom editing functions.  The UI is easy to navigate and also visually pleasing.  There are options to export your photos directly to social feeds such as Instagram and to your camera roll.  Pro-Tip, check out the additional filters (some free and some paid) and see what works best with each photo!

vsco photo editing app vsco in full use


With Classpass you pay a monthly fee and get access to thousands of different fitness options.  Whether it be crossfit or bikram yoga you can try each studio up to three times a month.  Booking classes is a breeze with the app, and you can also refine searches based on interests, location, and availability.  What’s also great is if you are away for business for weeks at a time, as long as classpass is located in that city, you have access to any of those partnered studios.

different classes available through class pass classpass in use crossfit gyms through classpass