5 Digital Marketing Tips To Know

By Trilby Goouch September 4, 2015

In case you missed it last night, John Morton from Catalog Digital Agency, our lead educator for Digital Marketing for Fall 2015, gave us some amazing new tools to add to our digital marketing tool belt.

Whether you’re a freelancer, strategist or account manager, these tools are a must-have if you’re working with clients on any sort of digital marketing. They are especially useful, as well, when pitching for new business.

BuzzSumo: is the ultimate tool to find influencers online and for developing robust content strategies. Also useful in conducting competitive research on topics and trends

Reasons to use:

Wide topic searching

Building communities

Identify best platforms

Enhance web presence

Pro tip: After finding influencers, add them to your personal networks, listen, respond, and build relationships with them over time as a long-game strategy.

will let you easily create and edit graphics at any size for any purpose. It’s super user friendly and is especially useful for social media work and creating SEM display ads.

Things to note:

• Basic features for free

• Canva can’t do EVERYTHING Photoshop can

• SM design templates stock

Pro tip: save room on your Mac or PC by deleting photoshop

is a jack-of-all trades web development tool. Create landing pages quickly, develop your portfolio and even create whole websites for  clients.

Applicable scenarios

• Small website jobs

• Landing pages for SEM

• Portfolio dev

• Fixing your own site

Pro tip: Develop and insert Google Structured Data into the custom code area to give mad boosts to SEO.

If This Then That: is a powerful automation tool that connects with almost any social network, plug-in, API and site to do a lot of grunt work for you.

Reasons to use:

Web and app based

Automate your work

Pair actions to implementation


Pro tip: connect you or your clients Google+ or Biz page to a Buffer account, and duplicate Facebook posts to show up on G+ to increase SEO.

SEMrush: will give you a competitive analysis of your clients’ competitors in SEO, SEM and more.

Reasons to use:

To gain strategic insight

To understand clients’ business

To gain keyword insight

What are you up against?

Pro tip: Try to match a significant dip in organic search traffic with a Google algorithm update, which may indicate that a competitor was in violation of Google’s design, technical or quality guidelines.

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