What We’re Reading | June 5th

By Mauricio Poveda June 5, 2015

The BrainStation crew is back again with our favourite reads of the week. From the importance of daydreaming to Google’s new touchless control technology, there’s an article for everyone. 

Why You Need To Start Daydreaming At Work | Inc. 

Did you know that mind-wandering spurs what neuroscientists call “creative incubation”? We’ll be the first to admit that we immediately reach for our cell phone when we have a moment of downtime; this highlights the importance of taking a break from technology and taking time to get the creative juices flowing. Challenge accepted!

Google Unveils New Technology, Lets You Control Devices Without Touching Them | Design Taxi

Imagine being able to change the time on your smartwatch with the simple gesture of turning a dial. With Google’s latest technology, Project Soli, you can do just that (and more!) Watch the video to see how it works. 

These Sci-Fi Earbuds Put a Volume Knob on the Real World | Wired

Check this out: In two weeks, Doppler is unveiling a set of earbuds called ‘Here’ that let you adjust the world’s sounds to your exact liking. Put in the Here earbuds, and suddenly you have volume control and EQ for your ears – music enthusiasts, take note!

Chrome Update Lets You Disable Annoying Flash Videos From Autoplaying | Mashable

This is the update most of us have been waiting for! With Chrome’s new update video ads, will be blocked and instead only content on the main web page will play. Gone are the days when Game of War interrupted every video or page you attempted to load! 

5 Ways Successful Entrepreneurs Think Differently | Inc

According to Inc, successful entrepreneurs appear to think on a different plane than the rest of us. This article breaks down the differences into 5 key aspects that all successful entrepreneurs have in common. Aspiring entrepreneurs pay close attention!

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