The BrainStation Student Experience | Jessica Bianchi | Intro to Web Development

By Mauricio Poveda June 3, 2015

During the Winter semester, Jess told you all about her experience in our User Experience Design. Never one to stop learning, Jess signed on for Intro to Web Development during Spring. She’ll be giving us bi-weekly updates about her experiences in the classroom learning the basics of Web Development. Read on to hear more!

BrainStation Student Experience | Jessica Bianchi | Intro to Web Development

Week One
It’s only been a week since I finished up the UX Design course at BrainStation, but I’m ready for my next challenge! To be honest, I find coding to be most intimidating. Upon arrival on day one, I found a BrainStation care package at my desk packed with goodies. It was a pleasant surprise, and after initial introductions, we jumped right into the basics of HTML (or Hypertext Markup Language). Our goal? To build a personal page by playing with HTML.

The instructors walked around the class and quickly assisted any students with questions. I think the exploratory structure of the class really helped with my initial understanding of HTML. It encourages you to be resourceful by searching online when you’re stuck before approaching an instructor. By the end of the class, I had a beginnings of my very own webpage. I even had a background image. Nailed it!

Week Two
Heading into week two of this course, I’m feeling pretty good. The instructors touched on the basics of CSS and how it links to HTML. We were shown how to change the font, add colour or borders, and work with margins or padding. During the free time we were able to play with our personal pages, I tested different ways to layout my content. I struggled a bit with element selectors, but with some help, I was able to get my page to where I wanted it to be.

Looking ahead to next week, we were asked to re-create a website and given the necessary assets. It will definitely be a challenge, but I’m up for it!

Stay tuned to hear about Jessica’s progress in weeks three and four.

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