What We’re Reading | June 14th

By Mauricio Poveda June 14, 2015

Check out this weeks lineup of our favourite reads! We have a great selection of articles, from wearable technology to combat robots! Enjoy!

Uber Expanding Operations in China | TechCrunch

China is looking to overtake the United States as Uber’s biggest market, and they hope to achieve this by the end of 2015. However, this will be a tough feat considering Didi Kuaidi, China’s dominant taxi company, holds 95% of marketshare. Interesting read about Uber’s strategy!

Russia Creates Its Own Combat Robot | RBTH

Quite like something we’ve seen in the movies, Russia has created a remote controlled robot scheduled to be able to run and clear an obstacle course by the end of this year. As exciting as this is in regards to advancements in AI, us at BrainStation are a little nervous about this one! 

Urban Algae Canopy Will Generate a 4-Hectare Forest’s Worth of Oxygen | Gizmag

Check this out: this article describes an exciting side of the tech world that has been continuously evolving in recent years. Created in Milan, Italy, this algae canopy has the potential to help us combat pollution by generating as much oxygen daily as a 400,000 square foot forest! 

PureWrist Puts Contactless Payments Inside a Bracelet | TechCrunch

The latest in wearable technology: PureWrist has created a silicon bracelet equipped with the same NFC payment chip used in Apple Pay. The bracelet can be used at all places that accept contactless payments, so now “forgetting your wallet” isn’t an excuse to get out of footing the bill. 

Apple Introduces Swift 2 | CNET

Last year, Apple launched the new programming language, Swift. As they launch Swift 2, full of updates and features that will increase performance, the most exciting feature is that they will be releasing Swift 2 to the open-source world. Now, developers will have the ability to look further into the language and even extend it! 

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