What We're Reading: May 22

How To Go From An Idea To Prototype In One Day | Fast Company
Many entrepreneurs conceive of product ideas at the most unlikely times and in the most unlikely places. This is a great read offering key pieces of advice on taking on that “Just Do It” mentality and using software solutions to help you get there. 

A Peek Inside How Facebook Decides What Goes Into Your News Feed | Forbes
You’ve heard it before – organic posts are dead, paid advertising wins, Facebook is constantly changing its algorithms…this article gives the lowdown on how Facebook categorizes and acts on various data.

Volkswagen’s Apple Watch app will let you unlock your car from your wrist | Mashable
A glimpse at how auto brands are slowly morphing into software companies. Pretty neat!

Get Your Passion Project Moving Without Quitting Your Day Job | Harvard Business Review
Got a an idea for an app? Website? Charity? This is a great article that provides key steps to take in order to make your vision become a reality. Starting with…building your skills!

Patagonia Truck Has Been Traveling Across 50 States Mending Clothes | psfk

We love the most recent campaign launched by Patagonia. A Patagonia “Worn Wear” truck has been traveling across the USA with repair technicians to fix up people’s torn pieces of clothing—Patagonia brand or not—as well as teaching them how to do easy fixes themselves. The campaign includes an interactive social component and overall feel-good story. Marketers, take note!

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